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    The Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity recognizes the global community that makes up Los Angeles, as well as the entirety of America.  In this moment, we believe it is possible to uplift the voices of the Black community and celebrate Black History, while also acknowledging the ongoing struggle and pain endured by our Asian community.  In this moment, we challenge our school communities to do both.  


     Below, please find some Advisory Lessons that may assist in supporting the dialogue arouund Anti-Asian racism and discrimination. 


    COVID-19 & Anti-Asian Racism - Encourages students to use critical thinking to explore the correlation between Anti-Asian racism in the US and the the terminology used by politicians and the media. 

    Xeno What? - Introduce the students to the concept of Xenphobia and provide space for reflection about Xenophobia in America right now. 

    Asking for Help - Promoting help seeking behavior

    Let's Talk About Feelings - Normalizing feelings 

    Loving Yourself - Promoting self esteem and postive body image


     Please find resources below for discussing the current violent Anti-Asian climate in our country, as well as how to incorporate the Asain community into your Anti-Racism work. 

Black History Month Resources

  • Thank you to those who joined us for the We are One Virtual Open House!

    We had a fantastic turnout of LAUSD educators and staff who are ready to engage our school communities.  We cannot wait to share when our next open house will occur! For more information please join the Schoology group for LAUSD employees titled Standing with Black Students, Staff and FamiliesEmail us for more information! 

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  • One Youth with Courage can Change the World - Posters

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