• Biden inauguration: The hidden meaning behind the 'Field of Flags' on the  National Mall

    The "Field of Flags" art installation covers Washington D.C.'s National Mall in recognition of the Inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.  The installation includes 191,500 U.S. flags of varying sizes, including flags representing every state and territory. The flags are illuminated by 56 pillars of light, representing the 50 states and six territories that make up the U.S.  The Inaugural Committee said the Field of Flags represents its "commitment to an inclusive and safe event that everyone can enjoy from their home."


    Psychological First Aid 

    As we move forward from the Crisis at the Capitol with a new presidency, please be sure to review these Psychological First Aid handouts created by School Mental Health.  All educators actively engage in Psychological First Aid on the daily through their engagement with students. These handouts are helpful in reminding us of those key skills we can use to support our school communities. 

    Psychological First Aid: Responding to Crisis

    Psychological First Aid:  Responding to Bullying, Cyber Bullying or Hazing


    Employee Assistance Program

    We acknolwedge that this season can be heavy and feel overwhelming for all, including our staff.  If you or one of your colleagues need additional support at this time please review the district's EAP by clicking here.



    The following Advisory Lessons have been prepared for use by teachers.  Please note, these lessons may serve as a starting place for educators who wish to adapt them for their unique student populations. 


     photo of Amanda Gorman speaking at the presidential inauguration

    Stories of Excellence: Amanda Gorman - This lesson will introduce students to the National Poet Laureate while encouraging them to reflect on overcoming challenges and dreaming of accomplishing their goals. 


    Let's Talk About the Inauguration - This lesson will explore the history of the Inauguration and invite students to reflect on the many reasons why this years Inauguration will be a historic one. 

    What Happened on January 6th? - A review of the events leading up to, and the crisis at the Capitol.  This lesson provides students with a space to reflect and better understand the events leading up to that day. 

    What is Domestic Terrorism? - This lesson serves as a guide for understanding the both the history of domestic terrorism as well as the role domestic terrorism played on the crisis at the U.S. Capitol. 

    What is QAnon? - This lesson serves as a guide for understanding the power of conspiracy theores as well as the role QAnon may have played in the crisis at the U.S. Capitol. 

    What is Impeachment? - This lesson will explore the process of impeachment as well as the current events surrounding the House impeachment proceedings.  



    *If you have PowerPoint already installed on your computer, when you open the file you should have the option to click ENABLE CONTENT on a yellow ribbon that pops up.*


  • Crisis at the Capitol - Resources

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  • We Are One - Standing With Immigrant Families Campaign

  • Calendar of Commemorative Events

    The purpose of this calendar is to assist in the planning of school and work events. The increasingly pluralistic population of the United States creates diverse working and learning communities. This Calendar of Commemorative Dates and Observances is offered as a tool to enhance understanding, respect, awareness among various religious, ethnic and cultural groups in our school communities, to be a resource for schools to incorporate these dates into their instructional activities, and for reference in scheduling school activities.  We invite the community to advise us in errors of commission or omission.

    MEM-5466.10 Calendar of Commemorative Dates 8.12.20

    Attachment A - Calendar Commemorative and Observances, School Year 2020-21

    The Human Relations, Diversity & Equity team is working to cultivate resources for holidays and commemorations.  Please note, the events on the calendar below marked with a ♥ have additional resources available. Simply click on the event to view.  

  • One Youth with Courage can Change the World - Posters

    AF Female with white sweater  Latina graduate  Female Special Ed Student  Female Caucasian Student  Male Student Sitting  AF Male Student  Male Hispanic Student at Locker  Persian Female Student

  • Healthy Relationship Brochure

  • LAUSD Human Relations Commission

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