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    The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements on a monthly basis. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - December 21, 2018

    Posted by The MiSiS Team on 12/21/2018

    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS:


    • The Walk-In Scheduling screen has been enhanced to prevent the scheduling of elementary students in a school different from their school of enrollment; the screen will prevent the overlapping of sections for elementary students.


    • The Update Attendance screen, located under the Attendance tab, no longer displays an error message.
    • The Pupil Services Administrator user role now has access to the Attendance Referral Report.
    • The Attendance Not Submitted reports for regular and continuation schools now displays the principal’s name on the Teacher’s Discrepancy Memo.

    English Learner

    • The English Learner Rosters, the Master Plan Roster and Label, and the EL Student Schedule Summary report have been updated to include the Initial ELPAC test results.
    • A new column has been added to The EL Progress Profile Report, EL Rosters, and EL Student Schedule Summary report to identify newcomers.


    • The CA Content Standards Elementary Schools Report Card can now be generated for any Elementary School student directly from the student profile via Academics > Reports > Elem Schools Report Card – CCS.

    Student Support

    • Users with access to the SSPT referral screen can now submit multiple SSPT Intervention Plans.
    • Users with edit access to the suspension screen are no longer able to edit suspension dates.

    Student Testing

    • The ELPAC Coding Roster will now display students in grade K.
    • The PFT Mass Entry screen will reflect the 9th grade Fitness testing information from the 17-18 school year.



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  • MiSiS Updates - December 5, 2018

    Posted by The MiSiS Team on 12/5/2018

    MiSiS Announcements:

    Users who may have bookmarked specific student profiles will need to refresh the link as the Student Profile screen was recently updated to meet Section 508 requirements. Users are advised to review and update their bookmarks for MiSiS related pages to ensure the links are still active.


    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS:


    • The fields on the enrollment/withdrawal screen have been updated to match the enrollment screen so that the values are consistent.


    • The Sections Editor screen will now prevent the overlapping of periods when students are added to off-site sections.


    • The Initial Notification of Truancy Letter has been translated into Tagalog and Farsi.
    • At secondary schools, the Attendance Summary Report now considers reason code 3 under the Days UnExc column.
    • Continuation High Schools now have access to the Uncleared Absence Screen, located under the student profile ‘Attendance’ tab.
    • At City of Angels, the Teacher Attendance Roster now displays correctly when sorted by a student’s last name.


    • The Nursing Office Admin Role now has the ability to read the Athletic Screen located under Student Profile Miscellaneous tab.


    • The Out of Home Care screen now includes the fields listed below which are populated by the IODS Foster Youth Inbound interface:
      • Attorney Name 
      • Attorney Phone Number
      • Attorney Address
      • Attorney Title 
      • Attorney Email Address 
      • Supervising Social Worker Name 
      • Supervising Social Worker Phone 
      • Supervising Social Worker Email Address

    English Learner

    • The Master Plan Roster will now display students’ master plan program information.
    • A new report, the Individual Reclassification Plan, is now available for elementary and secondary schools with PLTEL and LTEL students.  The report is available in various languages and is intended to be used to discuss the academic progress of English learners.  A job aid has been made available at https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/9877.


    • The student’s school of enrollment, at the time the GATE referral was created, is now saved in the MiSiS database. 
    • The GATE Student Search and GATE Referral screens now include a poverty indicator if a student is enrolled at a Community Eligibility Provision school.
    • The Teacher Notification report is now working for a teacher assigned to complete GATE Checklist.  The Notification appears on the top right corner of screen if teacher is assigned to complete a GATE checklist.


    • The Manage Grades by Class student roster will now display single entries that displayed duplicate entries for some students.

    Graduation Standards

    • The Middle School IGP Report will now display in Alpha order by the student’s Last Name.


    • The Manage Groups report will now display from the Manage Groups screen.

    Student Support

    • The Student Support Admin can now enter, edit, and delete Contact Log entries they create.
    • The Student Support Admin user role now has access to the Academic Interventions screen.
    • Student Health and Human Service records are now being interfaced into MiSiS.
    • Students with these services will have an SH Alert on the student profile.  When a user hovers over the alert, the message “Student Health and Human Services (SHHS) Record Summary available” under the Support Tab or via Social Adjustment.
    • A new screen has been added under the profile Support tab, SHHS Service Summary, which displays all SHHS services for a student.
    • The Social Adjustment Report now include SHHS records.
    • A selection parameter has been added to the Social Adjustment Report to include an Enrollment Status (Enrolled, Not Enrolled, Both).


    • A new refresh button that updates a student’s Graduation Eligibility Status, has been added to the Transcript Details Screen.  Authorized users (Principal, Scheduling Admin, or Counselor Plus) can now refresh the Graduation Eligibility status for any student. This is used whenever an update to a course grade or new Transcript entry has been made.


    • Inline reports will open in new tab in the same browser.  There is no change to the data displayed or export options of the report.  This is done for 508 compliance.
      • AttendanceAttendance Audit
      • Attendance    Attendance Referral
      • Attendance  Attendance Totals
      • Attendance → Uncleared Absences Report
      • Graduation Standards  Graduation Progress Report
      • Graduation Standards  IGP Report
      • Graduation Standards  SP Grad Exempt Notification Letter
      • Transcript  Transcript Report
      • Student Support  Social Adjustment Report
      • Grades Report Card - Mailer
      • Grades → Report Card - Non-Mailer



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