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    The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every 3 weeks. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - September 20, 2017

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 9/20/2017

    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS: 


    • The Student Profile now displays SP alert for students identified as belonging to a Specialized Population. The alert will display for currently enrolled students in grades TK-12 who were homeless and/or DCFS foster students in the last four years. These students may be eligible for certain educational rights as outlined in "Bulletin 6718: Educational Rights and Guidelines for Youth in Foster Care, Experiencing Homelessness and/or Involved in the Juvenile Justice System." These rights include, but are not limited to, Immediate Enrollment, School of Origin (including transportation), Partial Credits, Exemption from District Graduation Requirements (AB 167/216 and 1806). For more information about the rights afforded to these Specialized Populations contact Pupil Services at (213)241-3844. 
    • The Emergency Roster Report generated Teachers and Periods in the correct order.
    • Schools may now enter an E7 First School for students with a prior enrollment with an entry code of E Pre-K/TE.
    • The Student Exclusion Screen and Mass Student Exclusion Screen now reflect the LAUSD Directory Release Information Form available in the Parent/Student Handbook.

     No Show Process

    • MiSiS will be doing weekly data clean ups for the following issues:
    1. Student has same entry and withdrawal date and was marked absent.  These students are considered No Show students.
    2. Adjusting Entry Date to first day of present attendance for students withdrawn from the school.  
    • A script was run to delete enrollments of students with the same enrollment and withdrawal date who were marked absent with reason code “unresolved”.  These students will be flagged as No Show.  As a reminder, the correct procedure is to flag the student as a No Show.  Schools do not need to withdraw No Show students; MiSiS will automatically withdraw the students. Refer to the job aide No Show Process for complete directions.
    • The Mass No Show screen is now available for flagging multiple students as No Show’s at the same time.


    • The Teacher Section Assignment Report will now display the teachers’ assigned cost center.
    • The Student Schedule Summary Report now has an additional parameter of “Include Columns” which gives the option to display the newly added columns of “Counselor” and “Learning Community” in the report.
    • A new link has been added on the Student Summary area under “Quick Links” for the “SP Grad Exempt Notification Letter” on the Walk-In Scheduler Screen.


    • The Attendance Summary Report headers have been rearranged to allow users to clearly view student attendance data.
    • The Uncleared Absence Report now sorts the Individual letters as per the sort option selected in the report parameter.


    • The Certificate of Eligibility now accurately displays the School Name Last Year.

     English Learner

    • Students participating in dual, maintenance, or transitional language programs will no longer require a parent waiver to be added in the Student Profile > Services > English Learner.
    • The EL Progress Profile Report will now display the newly added DIBELS performance level of “Above Benchmark” for students who’ve attained this level.
    • The EL rosters will now successfully run for all selected grade levels.


    • The GATE Notification Letter now generates correctly for all students.
    • The School for Advanced Studies Participation screen now displays a default value for Resident Status.  Based on the student's residence address, if the student is enrolled at the any of the student's boundary schools, the Resident field defaults to Resident.  If the school believes the student lives within the school’s boundaries and the value does not default, schools should go to the enrollment screen (Enrollment > Enrollment History > Edit) and click the Validate Address button on the screen to populate the school of residence field for the student.
    • Schools may now search for School for Advanced Studies and Conservatory of Fine Arts participants on the Student GATE Search screen.


    • The Grades Audit Report has been updated and no longer displays the changes that are made to student grades during the open Grade Entry Window.
    • The Options Schools Report Card has been updated and now displays on a single page.
    • The Grades by Student screen has been updated and the student attendance counts now display correctly.

     Graduation Standards

    • The 'Specialized Population Graduation Exemption Letter Report' is now available at the student profile, under Academics>Reports.


    • Schools will no longer be able to end or delete athletic groups on the Manage Groups screen.
    • When extending a group’s end date in the Manage Groups screen, only actively enrolled students will have their group membership extended.
    • When adding students to a group using the Advanced Search, users will be able to select students across multiple pages.

     State Reports

    • The Elementary Classification Report now includes the ‘Enrollment Date’ after the column ‘Enrollment Code’ in the Roster portion of the report.
    • The ECast vs. Actual Enrollment report is no longer available. User are to use the Ad Hoc Norm Day Enrollment Dashboard.

     Student Support

    • The Counselor, Summer School Counselor, and Counselor Plus roles now have access to create Support Referrals.

     Student Testing

    • A new DIBELS performance level of “Above Benchmark” has been added which will display on the Student Profile > Academics > Test Scores for students who’ve attained this level.
    • The SBA ELA Exemption Report header will display “NO DATA FOUND” when no data is available to display on the report.
    • The PFT Student Information Report will now display the “Score” and “Lvl of Part” in the correct columns.


    • When entering New Transcript records, the courses under the Course Catalog drop down are now listed in numerical order.
    • Data corrections were made to reported students’ Transcript Details.

     MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards

    • Graduation Progress Tiers Updated – The tiers included in MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting have been updated to accurately reflect the tiers listed in MiSiS. Two folders in the Student Graduation Progress Subject Area have been renamed: the previous A-G Requirements sub-folder is now labeled LAUSD A-G Requirements, and the previous LAUSD Requirements sub-folder is now LAUSD Additional Requirements.
    • Instructional Director Added to English Learner Service Local District Report – A filter and column for Instructional Director has been added to the English Learner Service Local District Report. To access these reports, click Dashboards in the navigational menu > expand Local District Reports > click Local District Reports > click English Learner Service tab.
    • RFEP Count Updated to 2017-2018 School Year – On the English Learner Dashboard, the count of RFEP students has been updated to reflect 2017-2018 students.




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  • MiSiS Updates - September 13, 2017

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 9/13/2017

    MiSiS Announcements:

    Secondary Teacher Attendance Window

    Several secondary teachers experienced issues while taking attendance this week. The attendance taking window for all secondary teachers will be extended from 9/13/2017 through 9/15/2017 to submit attendance for 9/11/17 through 9/15/17.  If teachers are unable to submit attendance in MiSiS, attendance should be recorded on a printed Five Column Roster report, adding the names of any students not listed, and crossing out the names of any dropped students. This report must be signed and dated. If attendance is not submitted in MiSiS by the teacher, on the same instructional day, the paper record must be retained in the office for five (5) years. 


    Instructions for Correcting Data in MiSiS

    Grade level corrections and grade level changes (i.e., promotion/demotion) are normally handled through the “Grade Level Change” function of the Enrollment History screen (see item B in the screen shot below).  However, this function currently has a bug which may affect enrollment of students.  This is scheduled to be fixed in the November 28 release. 

    Until then, use the Edit function (item A in screen shot below) for grade level corrections; for grade level changes, withdraw student then re-enroll in the correct grade level.



    Note:  For students whose date of birth is 6/8/13 through 6/30/13, wait until September 13, 2017 to correct or change grade level to TE.  Making the correction/change prior to September 13 will result in an error message.


    Scenario 1:  Grade level correction -- Student’s grade level is wrong, but course and teacher assignments are correct.

    MiSiS Steps

    1. Log on as an Office Manager.
    2. Search for the student.
    3. Go to Enrollment > Enrollment History.
    4. Click Edit next to the most recent enrollment.
    5. Correct the grade level on the screen and click Save.


    Scenario 2:  Grade level is correct, but student’s course grade level assignment is wrong.

    MiSiS Steps

    1. Log on as Scheduling Administrator.
    2. Go to Admin > Master Scheduling.
    3. Select Walk In.
    4. End student section enrollment in the incorrect course.
    5. Add student to the correct section enrollment.

    Scenario 3:  Grade level and course grade level assignment are wrong.

    MiSiS Steps

    1. Log on as Office Manager.
    2. Withdraw student as L1, then re-enroll in the correct grade level.
    3. Log on as Scheduling Administrator.
    4. Go to Admin > Master Scheduling.
    5. Select Walk In.
    6. End student section enrollment in the incorrect course.  Make sure the section end date matches the withdrawal date.
    7. Add student to the correct section enrollment.  Make sure the section start date matches the correct grade level’s enrollment date.


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