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  • Preparing for Ramadan 2021 


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    Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and will fall between April 12 and May 12 in 2020. It is widely observed by Muslims as a month of fasting to celebrate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad (the prophet in their religion). Fasting as a religious practice occurs among many religions. In the Islamic faith, fasting between dawn and dusk is recommended for healthy persons beginning with puberty. Ramadan is not regarded as an opportunity to avoid aspects of normal life, but is rather viewed an opportunity to cope with normal life under a different set of circumstances.  

    In addition to refraining from all foods and liquids between dusk and dawn, some Muslims also avoid swimming during this period. The observance allows participants to break their fast for health reasons. Persons who are pregnant, nursing, menstruatingsick, injured or have a medical condition (such as diabetes) should not fast. Many Muslims will take off school or work on Eid al-Fitr to celebrate the culmination of Ramadan around May 12th.  

    Fasting Muslims typically have a hearty pre-dawn breakfast to carry them through the day until their evening meal after sunset. Schools may accommodate fasting students by allowing them to take important tests in the morning before the hunger of the late afternoon compromises their focus, providing an alternate location while their peers are eating, and modifying strenuous activities during PE. If possible, avoid holding parent or student meetings in the evenings during Ramadan.  Supporting our Students during Ramadan


    Most of all, facilitate an understanding and affirming environment among all staff that fosters respect and care for all students and families.  

    Check out our Advisory Lesson on Ramadan here:

    Ramadan- PowerPoint Link

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    Please visit, and for educational resources.  



    April 24th is Armenian Martyrs Day Commemoration of Armenian Genocide.  It is the commemoration of 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire who perished between 1915 and 1923.  Please see our updated Advisory Lesson here. For more April commemoritive dates please see our advisory lesson page

LAUSD Condemns Hatred and Violence towards the Asian Community

  • end violence against asians

    The Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity recognizes the ongoing struggle and pain endured by our Asian community.  In this moment, we challenge our school communities to engage in dialogue about what everyone can do to help end Anti-Asian racism and discrimination. On March 8th, 2021 the LAUSD School Board also released a statement regarding this ongoing crisis.  Read the statement here


    For more resources or to report hate crimes please check out Stop AAPI Hate or click the image below. 

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    The Office of Human Relations, Diversity and Equity encourages all staff to review the Psychological First Aid handout for a refresher on how to use the tools you already have to support yourselves and your students who may be struggling.  Furthermore, all staff should also be aware of services available to them through the district Employee Assistance Program.  


     Below, please find some Advisory Lessons, Zoom backgrounds, and additional resources that may assist in supporting the dialogue around Anti-Asian racism and discrimination. 

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  • One Youth with Courage can Change the World - Posters

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