• Standing With Immigrant Families Awareness Month

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    The LA School Board designated March as Standing With Immigrant Families Awareness Month to increase and improve resources for students, staff and families, and develop supports for post-graduate college and career opportunities for undocumented students.  Click on the image below to read the board resolution. 

    Standing with Immigrant Families Board Resolution

Standing with Immigrant Families Awareness Month Resources

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  • Thank you to those who joined us for the We are One Virtual Open House!

    We had a fantastic turnout of LAUSD educators and staff who are ready to engage our school communities.  We cannot wait to share when our next open house will occur! For more information please join the Schoology group for LAUSD employees titled Standing with Black Students, Staff and FamiliesEmail us for more information! 

    WE ARE ONE: Standing with Black students, staff and families a virtual open house logo

  • Healthy Relationship Brochure

  • One Youth with Courage can Change the World - Posters

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