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  • We Are Here To Support You!!!

    Posted by Case Core Team on 7/9/2020



    The CASE team is here and available to provide remote support to its business users.

    We are working hard to ensure continuity with the platform, and developing new features and enhancements to make your work easier to perform.  

    Please make sure that the Core Team has current staff information for your corresponding business groups, and that users have the appropriate system access.  For direct support, please email Case.Core.Team@lausd.net.

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  • Release Notes 4/2/2020

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 4/2/2020 5:40:00 PM


    The Organization field was added to the master data Contacts screen, which is especially helpful when creating contacts for non-LAUSD employees.

    The list of Contact Types was updated to include LAUSD Attorney, Outside Counsel, Employee Counsel, Presiding Judge, and MIRS Judge.

    Business units will need to update their Contacts list(s) for use in Child Cases - each impacted group will be contacted separately.  

    Certificated Dismissal

    New fields were added in the Board stage to track Motions to Reverse Immediate Suspension (MIRS).  Users can document whether or not a motion was filed and if so, track its progress.

    New fields were added in the OAH stage to document LA Unified and external litigation counsel and presiding judge.


    Several system bugs were fixed to correct workflow and field errors

    The RAS Report extract was enhanced to provide additional data for analysis and metrics reporting - access is limited to authorized users.


    New fields were added to document Employee Type (Certificated or Classified) and Originating Action (Misconduct, Performance, Both).


    A Date Issued field has been added to the Pre-Disciplinary stage, when the result of a Pre-Disciplinary meeting is a Non-Disciplinary outcome. 

    Employee Assignment Details

    Updates have been made to the Employee Assignment Details section of Employee Search in CASE.  Users now see the code for Personnel Area - AALA (Certificated), UTLA, or the corresponding 4-character code - based on the employee's primary assignment in SAP.  Enhancements were also applied to the Employee Type and Division fields.  These changes pave the way for future upgrades to system processes and security - additional information is forthcoming.  An example is shown below.




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  • Release Notes 2/3/2020

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 2/3/2020


    A soft warning displays when a user attempts to create a new Child Case when one of the same type already exists within the Parent Case.

    The list of Manual Closure Reasons for most triggers has been updated in CASE, as requested.  

    Certificated Discipline

    The Overturned and Settlement Suspension Appeal outcomes should no longer allow Arbitration - the slider is now deactivated. 


    Validations have been added to the End Date field in the Responsible Party stage.  Chronological gaps should no longer occur - the system prevents new gaps from occurring, and existing gaps must be corrected before exiting the stage. 


    A Delete icon has been added to the Settled Cases table - users may click on the icon for the corresponding row to delete the entry from the table.


    Several new features were added to the Classified trigger.  For additional information, please review the February Change Guide. 

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  • Release Notes - 11/20/2019

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 11/20/2019 4:30:00 PM



    A new column has been added to the CASE home page (CASE Summary Page) to distinguish Parent Cases from Child Cases.  Parent Cases are labeled as Parent; Child Cases are identified by the Trigger name.  


    Employee Name Change Corrections

    Employee records with name change discrepancies in the CASE Application have been corrected - existing Parent and Child Cases were updated dynamically.  Going forward, name changes should be captured in CASE the day after the change is entered in SAP

    Child Cases/Triggers

    All - A Child Case Trigger Name label has been added to the case header section.



    1. The Arrest Notification Email has been updated to include the Employee Job Title.
    2. The obsolete Arrest field has been removed from the Charges pop-up data entry screen.

    Certificated DemotionThe dropdown list values for the Administrative Review, Informal Appeal, and Board sections have been updated to the following:

    1. Sustain Demotion/Loss of Confidence
    2. Overturn Demotion/Loss of Confidence
    3. Other 

    Certificated Discipline 

    1. When the Discipline Issued is Letter of Reprimand, Manual Closure is no longer required - a Save and Close button has been added to the bottom of the screen.
    2. When a Grievance Meeting Outcome is Overturned/Remedy Granted for either step 1 or step 2, the data entry fields for the remaining steps are shaded out.
    3. When the Request for Arbitration slider is OFF and the Grievance Filed slider is ON, the Request for Arbitration stage button no longer displays at the bottom of the screen.  The button will only display if the Request for Arbitration slider is ON. 

    Classified Series

    1. Division HR Reps now have read-access to Arrest data.
    2. When the Pre-Disciplinary Meeting Slider is OFF, the Meeting Outcome field is no longer required data entry and is shaded out.
    3. The Number of Days Suspension data entry field in the NOUS stage has been updated to Number of Suspension Days - Initial.
    4. When a Skelly Responder Sustains (agrees with) the initial discipline recommendation entered in the Pre Disciplinary stage, the value carries over and populates the Board Action Under Consideration field in the SOC/Board stage. 
    5. When a Skelly Responder changes the initial discipline recommendation to another Disciplinary value that is subject to Board review, the NEW value will carry over and populate the Board Action Under Consideration field in the SOC/Board stage.
    6. Two new data entry fields have been added to the SOC/Board stage to track Statement Of Charges correspondence - Certified Mail Number and Certified Mail Date (Rec'd by P.O.).
    7. Data Entry fields in the SOC/Board stage have been updated to reflect the following:
      • Complete Disciplinary Packet Received by HR to Date Disciplinary Packet Received
      • Employment Summary Completion by ER to Date Employment Summary Completed 
      • SOC Draft from ER to HR Rep to Date ER sent SOC Draft to HR Rep
      • Final SOC is approved by HR to Date HR Approved Final SOC
      • Date Letter with Board Action Sent by ER to Date ER Sent Letter with Board Action


    1. The misspelled word Calender was corrected to Calendar in the Responsible Party tab.
    2. The values OAH Adverse Decision and Administrative Hold were added to the Stage dropdown list of values in the Responsible Party tab.


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  • User Group Meeting Updates - November 2019

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 11/20/2019

    Attendees at the 11/18/19 User Group Meeting saw a preview of select items depoyed in this week's Production release.

    Next Meeting:  TBD 2020

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  • Release Notes - 9/12/2019

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 9/12/2019


    On the CASE home page (CASE Summary Page), the default list of cases now correctly displays All Cases, and not just Active Parent Cases.

    The spelling of the word 'Personnel' was corrected in the Employee Details (Assignment Details) pop-up window.

    Child Cases/Triggers

    The application will no longer allow users to associate a new Child Case to a closed Parent Case - the Add New button is not available.

    HR Reps now have read-access to Arrest data.

    CASE Reports

    When experiencing issues with accessing CASE Reports, check the Get Data webpage first for updated troubleshooting guidelines.  

    • 403 Error:  Check the Get Data website for the latest resources available on how to reset your site bookmark.
    • 404 Error:  This is an intermittent browser error which usually clears on its own in 5-10 minutes - it is recommended that users log in with a private (Firefox) or incognito (Chrome) browser window to minimize its occurrence. 
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  • User Group Meeting Updates - September 2019

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 8/23/2019

    Minutes from the 8/19 User Group meeting will be available to participants following the conclusion of the voting period for trigger placement.

    Next Meeting:  October 21 

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  • Accessing CASE Reports - Troubleshooting 7/30/2019

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 7/30/2019

    For those who are still experiencing connection issues for CASE Reports, review the attached job aid here.  For additional troubleshooting tips, click here to access the Get Data webpage.

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  • Release Notes - 7/18/2019

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 7/22/2019


    Users may now edit the Incident Type on a Parent Case by clicking on the pencil icon and saving changes - the action may also update associated active Child Cases.

    Users should experience fewer intermittent application timeout issues - previously reported errors have since been resolved.


    Child Cases/Triggers

    The Manual Closure drop down list of values for related triggers have been updated to include Other, add missing values, and correct misspellings.

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  • User Group Archives

    Posted by CASE Core Team on 6/10/2019

    User Group Meeting participants can view and download agendas, handouts, and/or minutes from prior meetings:




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