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  • We work to ensure that teachers and school leaders recognize, respect, and attend to the diverse strengths and challenges of historically underserved student populations within the district.

  • Equality GraphicThe Why

    As opportunity gaps become more pervasive in society, we need to address the inequities and implement systematic solutions across the district. The Access, Equity and Acceleration, unit of LAUSD works collaboratively to ensure fair, equitable opportunities for all students. The departments within AEA work to increase the academic achievement and social-emotional wellness of students, helping to ensure that all students will reach their full potential in life.

  • Our Purpose


    Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development 

    Culturally and linguistically responsive skill sets are developed as teachers are provided with training and resources to provide higher levels of motivation, engagement, and access to the content for underserved student populations.






    Culturally proficient mindsets are cultivated as teachers and school leaders are provided with professional learning opportunities and resources that help them identify and confront biases.






    The AEA unit approaches all meetings, initiatives, administrative and teaching practices with a lens of equity. We stand up and speak up for our underserved students so they may rise up to the high expectations we know they can achieve.