Government Code Section 65995 and California Education Code Section 17620 allow school districts to levy fees on residential and/or commercial/industrial projects within a school district's boundaries.  The State Allocation Board (SAB) sets the per-square-foot Level 1 school impact fees ("Developer Fees") every two years.  

    Developer Fees within Los Angeles Unified School District are collected by two offices: Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the City of Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety (LADBS). The Developer Fee Program Office (DFPO) staff collects District Developer Fees on residential and commercial/industrial development projects that are within the District’s boundaries but outside the City of Los Angeles. The District entered into a contract with the City of Los Angeles to collect Developer Fees from owners/developers as a condition of the issuance of a building permit for developments within the City of Los Angeles. 


    Acceptable Form of Payment:

    Payment for Developer Fees may be made by check (business or personal), or money order.


    Hours of Collection:

    The Developer Fee Office is open for collections, by appointment, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, except when closed on District holidays. Walk-in appointments will be accommodated based on availability. 

  • Fee Forms and Publications: School Fee Rates effective July 9, 2022 (Rates are adjusted biennially by the State Allocation Board.)


    Construction Type

    School Fee Rates

    (per square foot)

    Residential Construction $4.79
    Commercial/Industrial Construction   0.78
    Rental Self-Storage Structures   0.24
    Parking Structures   0.34


    Fees apply to all new construction and additions; except for residential projects less than 500 square feet. See FAQ for additional qualifying exemptions.

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    For questions regarding developer fees, please contact

    Developer Fee Program Office

    333 S. Beaudry Ave.,  Floor 27

    Los Angeles, CA 90038

    (213) 241 – 6266