About Our Office

      Administrator:   Josie Alejo
        Director of Treasury/Capital Fund Compliance
      Office: 333 S. Beaudry Avenue, 26th Floor, Aisle #17
      Los Angeles, CA 90017

    Branch Overview

    • The Developer Fee Program Office (DFPO) staff collects District developer fees on residential and commercial/industrial development projects that are within the District boundaries and outside the City of Los Angeles.

      The DFPO staff performs specialized accounting and statistical reporting for the Developer Fee Program and coordinates inter-agency collection requirements with staff from the City of Los Angeles.

      Office staff also 1) provides general and/or technical information relating to the developer fee program to various departments of Building and Safety staff, to developer/owners, and to other interested individuals, 2) processes waivers to developer/owners based on approved exemption criteria, and 3) processes developer fee refunds.

      NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions, and until further notice, the Developer Fee Office will process developer fees by mail only. For more information, please contact Sonja White at (213) 241-0715 or email her at sonja.white@lausd.net.