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  • The Los Angeles Unified School District is proud to present the following Public Service Announcement reminding us of the importance and the lasting impact of completing your #2020Census questionnaire. We urge you to visit www.2020Census.gov before the new deadline of September 30. Be counted, make a difference for tomorrow’s future.

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  •  Complete you Census 2020 Questionnaire - button  Census 2020 logo  Use this guide to complete your Census 2020 button

  • 2020 Census MOU Presentation for Community Based Organizations

  • Public Charge Update -
    January 27, 2020

    Hispanic girl hugging

    Know your rights: The rule impacts a very specific number of people, check to see if Public Charge would affect you and then share there the resources listed below.

  • FamilySource Centers - LA Housing + Community Investment Department

  • School Enrollment, Placement & Assessment (S.E.P.A.) Center Flyers

    School Enrollment, Placement & Assessment Center flyer

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Unity Day at Belmont High School


  • Additional DACA-related questions and requests
    can be directed to Ms. Devora Navera-Reed, LAUSD’s Chief Education and Litigation Counsel, at 


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    Read messages from our education and city leaders to our students and school communities.

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