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    When schools, families, and community members work together in partnership, children succeed in school. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) provides the tools and resources needed for adults to support students' academic achievement. The Parent Community Student Services Branch of LAUSD encourages all families and community members to register for an account below in order to access District programs to support our children!
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       A one-stop 24/7 universal portal that provides LAUSD    parents/guardians access to essential student data    that will help them support their child's academic    success. Please click the logo above to log-in.
       Volunteers bring much needed assistance, experience    and knowledge to our school communities. This system    allows you to apply to become a volunteer at your    local school. Please click the logo above to log-in.
       Interested in applying to the LAUSD Magnet, Permits    and Transportation (PWT), and/or CORE Waiver Priority    School Matriculate Choice Programs? Please click the    logo above to log-in.
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