• Attention NBCTS 
    Please visit your Schoology course for updates regarding all facets of the National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Program
    (due dates, guidelines, and logs)

Teacher Development and Support & National Board Certified (NBC)

concentrating young teachers
  • The Teacher Development and Support Branch and NBC Section guides the Human Resources Division in the areas of teacher development, support, and the coordination of the National Board Certification Program.  Our office is responsible for the following programs:

    • Supporting Provisional Permit Teachers
    • Supporting University Interns
    • Providing guidance to newly hired teachers via opportunities for professional learning sessions
    • Reviews and approves MOUs for Student Teaching, University Interns, Speech Pathology, School Psychologist and other related programs
    • Coordinates with IHE Partners the placement and support for Student Teachers
    • Coordinates Los Angeles Unified’s Teacher Recognition Programs
    • Serves as a point of contact with the state’s National Board Incentive and support programs