• Have you changed locations? Cardholders and Approvers must notify the P-Card of any changes in location.

    Please remember to attach receipts for P-Card and Travel Card Purchases (see Quick Tips below for instructions) and to upload a copy of the  
    P-Card Dos and Don'ts
    Do: Reconcile your P-Card every month, by the 18th AND have them approved by the 21st. 
    Don't: Use Title 1 funds to reconcile more that 1/2 of your Toshiba invoice.  FY 15-16 reconciliation of Toshiba charges using Title 1 requires the funding to be split into two separate lines.  No more than half of the total dollar amount may be charged to Title 1 funds, the other half must be charged to any appropriate non-Title 1 fund. See BUL-6518 for more information.
  • Contact Your P-Card Representative -Please note the representatives and areas have changed for FY 16-17!

    LD East, LD Central, and Fuel Cards:
    Kitty Phan at
    Kitty.Phan@lausd.net (562) 654-9062
    OR use the P-Card Main Line (562) 654-9401
    LD West, LD South, Central Office and Adult Schools:
    Martha Viramontes at Martha.Viramontes@lausd.net (562) 654-9428
    OR use the P-Card Main Line (562) 654-9401
    LD Northeast, LD Northwest:
    Raymond Wong at Raymond.Wong@lausd.net (562) 654-9061
    Or use the P-Card Main Line (562) 654-9401

    P-Card Manager

    Tiffanie Ledford-Yang at tiffanie.yang@lausd.net 


    Fax number (562) 654-9048