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    Pia Damonte
    Pre K - 12 Counseling Coordinator
    (818) 654-3629
    William Bazadier
    Pre K - 12 Counseling Coordinator
    (818) 654-3665
    Janet Johnson
    College Counseling Coordinator
    (818) 654-3612
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  • Graduation Requirements

    To ensure all LAUSD graduates have the option to enroll directly into a university and be prepared for a career, the District has implemented a College and Career Readiness through A-G initiative. LAUSD has aligned its graduation requirements with the California State University (CSU) A-G requirements, beginning with the graduating class of 2016. Students must earn a grade of "D" or better in "A-G" courses, and meet California Department of Education Requirements in addition to satisfying LAUSD additional requirements for graduation. We are making the high school diploma a document that gives students the choice to transition straight into a college or into a career.
    Subject Requirements  Comments 
    A. History/Social Science
    1 year World History
    1 year U.S. History 
    No Validation 
    B. English  4 years  No Validation 
    C. Math 3 years  Validation*
    D. Laboratory Science 2 years  Validation*
    E. Language Other Than English  2 years  Validation* 
    F. Visual & Performing Arts 1 year  No Validation 
    G. College Preparatory Elective 1 year  No Validation 
    Additional Requirements    
    Principles of American Democracy 1 semester   
    Economics 1 semester   
    Physical Education 2 years   
    Health 1 semester   
    Total Numerical Credits 210    
    Non-Course Requirements    
    Service Learning    
    Career Pathway    
    Students graduating in the classes of 2016 - 2019 must pass "A-G" courses with a grade of D or better.
    Semester courses earn 5 credits. Yearlong courses earn 10 credits. Exams do not earn any credits. 
    *Validation occurs when a student has successfully completed advanced work (earning a grade of C or better) in an area of sequential knowledge. 

Bulletins, Memos and Reference Guides

  • Master Schedule and Other Information   For Assistant Principals and Counselors

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    Grad Req

    ELA & ELD


    Special Ed

    Foster Care/Homeless


    UCOP/WASC/College Aware

    Other Issues

    BUL-6566.2 Grad Req 2016-19 (being revised)

    REF-5886.1 Service Courses

    BUL-5429.2 VAPA Courses

    REF-911.1 Career Pathways Req

    BUL-2528.1 PE Programs, Secondary

    BUL-2457.1 PE Exemptions

    REF-6082.0 Student PE Exemption Ltr

    BUL-6712.0 Cheerlead Guidelines

    REF-5670.2 On Line Courses (being revised)

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    MEM-6733.0 Credit Recovery Program Opportunities

    BUL-3815.3 MS Culmination Activity & Certificate

    BUL-2533.1 Granting Credit & Marks LOTE

    BUL-4723.3 LOTE Equivalency Exam in Spanish

    REF-1963.0 Grad Year Guidelines

    MEM-6046.4 Placement, Scheduling, Staffing ELs

    REF-5994.1 Schedule ELD Instruction Sec ELs w/Disabilities

    BUL-5619.4 Reclassification of ELs

    MEM-6411.1 Guideline to Admin SRI to Reclassify ELs




    Norm Charts

    BUL-5978.2 MS Norms

    BUL-5979.2 HS Norms

    BUL-5981.2 Magnet Norms

    BUL-5977.2 Elem Norms

    BUL-5980.2 Options Schools Norms

    (documents being revised)

    Use the 2016-17 UTLA MOU re Class Size & Staffing

    REF-5780.0 MS & HS Math Intervention Courses

    MEM-6742 Guidelines for Implement Alg 1 MS Summ Ass (optional)

    MEM-6695 MS Math Placement Assess Gr 6 (optional)

    MEM-6458.1 MS & HS Math Placement & Pathways



    Instructional Minutes

    REF-684.15 Inst Min Req & Bell Sched MS

    REF-685.15 Inst Min Req & Bell Sched HS

    REF-1467.14 Inst Min Req & Bell Sched Options Schools

    BUL-6049.2 Req Curr & Assess for Students in Alt Curr.

    BUL-5757.3 NPS Placement & Policies

    BUL-4153.2 Request Alt Program

    REF-6056.3 Issue Diploma/Cert Complet for SWD Gr 12

    REF-5982.1 Alg 1 Waiver for SWD

    BUL-6257.0 A-G Grad Req for SWD; Alg 2 & LOTE waiver

    BUL-4692.5 Section 504 Rehabilitation Act

    REF-6337.2 Admin Role Ensuring Compliance w/SPED& Sec 504

    BUL-6718.0 Ed Rights & Guidelines for Youth in Foster Care, Homeless, Juvenile Justice System

    REF-5679.1 Procedure for Notifying Students Foster Care - Exempt to Grad Req

    BUL-787.1 Guidelines Enroll Students Out of Home Care(being revised)

    MEM-5561.4 AP Audit and course renewal

    MEM-6533.1 AP Readiness

    MEM-6461.2 AP Potential

    MEM-5564.5 Off Campus Lib Priv for AP Students

    MEM-5559.5 AVID Tutorial

    MEM-6543.0 2015 PSAT (2016 being prepared)

    BUL-3697.3 Procedure for New/Exper Course

    REF-5833.4 Revision of UC/CSU a-g course list

    REF-5832.4 Guidelines for WASC Process

    MEM-6535.1 WASC Accred Funds

    REF-3973.5 College Awareness Experiences for HS

    REF-3972.5 College Awareness Experiences for MS

    REF-3971.5 College Awareness Experiences for ES



    REF-6554.1 Opening Day Procedures

    BUL-5842.0 Documenting Student Counseling Contacts

    BUL-2537.6 IGP for All Sec Students

    REF-6580.0 Fall Survey

    REF-4236.12 Dates for Required Marks

    BUL-1926.2 Requests to Change Grade

    BUL-1100.1 Criteria Granting Credit (being revised)

    BUL-1545.1 International Trans.

    BUL-1055 GPA for Class Rank

    MEM-5814.4 Chronological Age Calculator 2016-17

    REF-5358.6 Procedure Medi-Cal Admin Act (MAA)


    *Change Course Assignment Request Form – School and/or Student


    Bulletins identify LAUSD Policy. Reference Guides explain how to implement policy. Memoranda communicate information about policy or activities.

    This is not an exhaustive list of documents. Make it a habit to check Inside LAUSD and What’s New and What’s Due regularly.

APSCS and Counselor Professional Development

  • Counseling Professional Development Dates for


    High School and Middle School 2017-2018


    Sven Lokrantz 

    Special Education Center

    19451 Wyandotte St.

    Reseda, CA 91335


    Wednesday, 8/30          

    Wednesday, 9/27    

    Wednesday, 10/25

    Wednesday, 11/29

    Wednesday, 1/31

    Wednesday, 2/28

    Wednesday, 3/21

    Wednesday, 4/25

    Wednesday, 5/30


    High School

    8:00 - 11:00 AM

    Middle Schools

    12:00 - 3:00 PM


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