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Other Miscellaneous Reports and Documents

  • Handbook for Contractors

    The OIG created a Handbook for Contractors to assist LAUSD contractors in understanding applicable requirements for audits conducted by the OIG’s Contract Audit Unit and to help ease the contract audit process. The information and examples in the booklet are intended solely to provide better insight into the audit process and should not be construed as uniform mandatory guidelines. This booklet also should not be considered a substitute for the applicable rules, regulations and contractual terms, since not all requirements are contained herein. Each contractor must tailor its responses to its individual situation.

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  • Fraud Warning Notice

    The OIG developed a Fraud Warning Notice to be included in District contracts and agreements. The Fraud Warning alerts those doing business with the District about the OIG’s authority and responsibility to audit and investigate persons, companies and organizations affiliated with the District.

    The notice includes examples of offenses and their corresponding maximum sentences as well as potential fines. Criminal acts will be pursued to the greatest extent of the law.

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  • OIG Trifold Brochure

    To help promote referral of fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct issues, the OIG has created a trifold brochure that has been installed in different locations throughout the LAUSD Headquarters Beaudry Building. We also distribute this brochure to offices throughout the District. 

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