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    The oneAccess Request System allows school employees to request for new or additional user role access to the Schoology application. This electronic method is faster and easier for both users applying for user roles as well as administrators authorizing requests. This application is available via the LAUSD network and from home over the Internet.

    Benefits of using oneAccess

    » No more paper forms*
    » Faster processing time
    » Automatic emails sent to user upon approval

    NOTE: You must have an active District Single Sign-On (SSO) account to use the system. oneAccess can also be used to request a new or reactivate a District Single Sign-On (SSO) account.


    The following resources are available to assist with requesting user access to Schoology:
     » oneAccess User Guide - Schoology Application Role Requests


    User Roles

    The Guide to Schoology User Roles will help you decide which user role(s) to apply for and as an administrator, which user roles to approve.



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