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  • Submitting Grades

Long term substitutes (in assignment for 21 day or more) can be added to MiSiS and will have access to the Schoology Gradebook within 24-48 hours.

Short term substitutes, must have the Office Manager, Scheduling Administrator, or Counselor enter grades in the Manage Grades by Class screen in MiSiS.


Only students who have officially been scheduled to the course in MiSiS will have their grades published with the Grade PassBack App in Schoology.


No, you can submit your grades using the Grade PassBack App even if you have not created assignments or given your students grades for those assignments.

In order to do so, proceed with the following:

1. Login to Schoology

2. Select your course

3. Select MiSiS Grade PassBack

4. Select the grade from the Override Column

5. Enter Work Habits, Cooperation, and Comment Codes

6. Click Submit at the bottom of the page


For more information, view the How to use the MiSiS Grade Pass Back video.



No. You can only PassBack grades from courses that were created in MiSiS.



No. You can only submit grades during the MiSiS open grading windows. The Grade PassBack App will launch, but all fields will be grayed out.

For more information on how to submit grades through Grade PassBack please see the video listed below

MiSiS Grade Pass Back App



Only the teacher of record, who is officially scheduled in MiSiS for the course, can submit grades.


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