Salary Allocation

    The Salary Allocation Unit staff evaluates and processes required official documents that verify training (transcripts) and experience (employment verification letters) to determine placement and advancement on the Teacher Preparation, Early Education and Development Center Salary Tables. Placement and advancement guidelines are incorporated in the District-UTLA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Education Code and applicable state laws. We also verify eligibility for career increments and promotional opportunities and address appeals related to salary placement.
    The Salary Allocation Unit strives to provide teachers and certificated staff with easy access to a variety of information, documents and updates. 
    Our Document Management / Database system allows teachers to view a summary of their salary file information online. If you have submitted documents to the Salary Allocation Unit since August 1, 2000, you can view a summary of your salary information, multicultural points on file, and more. All teachers are able to access their salary allocation information online.
    Viewing of Pending Items is currently unavailable. 
    Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions link located on the left side of the screen for more information.
    If you need additional information not found on this website, please call (213) 241-5100 and press 3, then use the information below to connect to the Salary Credits Assistant for your Local District. 
    Choose your local district by selecting the number assigned to your local district as indicated below:

    1 - Local District Northwest 

    2 - Local District Northeast 

    3 - Local District South

    4 - Local District East 

    5 - Local District West 

    6 - Local District Central 

    Then press 3 and you will be connected with a salary credits assistant. 
    If you prefer, you may click the following link to submit a request via email.