Requesting a New TA Onboarding Appointment


    For all scheduling requests to onboard new Teacher Assistants, please complete the form at:


    Please use your LAUSD email account to log in to access the form.  All appointments for processing will be on the 15th floor at the Beaudry Building. 


    Please complete the form and attach the approved Request for Personnel Action (RPA) and Nepotism forms to the Teacher Assistant Onboarding office in Human Resources. Teacher Assistant onboarding requests must be entered by the Principal, SAA or coordinator using their LAUSD Single Sign-on (full email with and password in order to access the request form. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the form, be sure to log out of all personal Google accounts and log in using your LAUSD Single Sign-on.  


    If you would like to give another person at your school site permission to this form contact the Teacher Assistant Onbaording office.


    Candidates must continue to meet the following requirements and be enrolled in school in order to onbaord as a Teacher Assistant:



    Candidates must meet ALL 3 requirements prior to employment

     1) High School Graduation
    • High School Diploma, Official Transcripts or Verification Letter*
    • General Education Development Certificate (GED)
    • High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)
    • Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC)
    • California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE)
    • Associate Degree or higher* 
     2) District Proficiency
    • District Proficiency Examination (DPE)
    • California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)
    • Bachelor's Degree from a US Accredited Institution* 
     3) Instructional Assistance
    • Instructional Assistance Test
    • 48 Semester or 72 Quarter Units*
    • Associate Degree*
    • Foreign Bachelor's Degree evaluated by an Approved Organization*
    • Bachelor's Degree from a US Accredited Institution* 
     *Institution/organization must have accreditation from a District accepted accrediting agency


    (Official transcripts are preferred documents for verification. Names on all documents must match exactly including any and all middle names/initials, additional surnames, or suffixes, or documentation showing proof of name change is required.)

    In addition to the minimum requirements, per California Education Codes 10020, 44323, & 44926 Teacher Assistants must present a completed Application for Issuance of Teacher Assistant Certificate.  This document provides verification of current enrollment in college*.  In addition, TAs must maintain continuous college enrollment and meet all unit completion requirements to remain employed as a TA.  See the Teacher Assistant College Enrollment and Unit Completion Verification section for more details.  

    *California-based institution/organization must have accreditation from a District accepted accrediting agency and current enrollment and course work must be certified as counting toward a baccalaureate degree and teacher credential.

    Click here for a checklist and explanation of documents necessary for the candidate to bring to the on boarding appointment