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History Assessments of Thinking

History Assessments of Thinking (HATs) ask students to go beyond factual recall to apply information in a specific historical context. Historical thinking is about cultivating habits of mind, ways of thinking that become habitual. These assessments were created by the Stanford History Education Group in partnership with the Library of Congress. Assessments are designed as formative assessments of a student's acquisition of the Historical Thinking Skills embedded in the Reading Like a Historian program.  Teachers are encouraged to visit http://beyondthebubble.stanford.edu/ for additional information. 
Teachers can select assessments by History/Social Science Content Standard, Common Core Standard, or Historical Thinking Skill.  A full alignment can be downloaded here: 
Historical Assessments of Thinking by Grade Level
Grade 6
Coming Soon!
Grade 7 Content StandardHistory Assessment of Thinking
7.7Inca Fortification
7.11Tupac Amaru II
Grade 11 Content StandardHistoryAssessment of Thinking
Anarchism and the Haymarket Affair
11.9Cold War Foreign Policy
11.10The Role of Women 
11.11The Conservation Movement