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In order to become historically literate, students need regular practice in using both the language and skills of the discipline. The Stanford History Education Group's Reading Like a Historian curriculum is a research based, systematic approach that guides students and teachers through the process of becoming historically literate, all while meeting the demands required by the Common Core State Standards.
Please see below for the materials needed to implement Reading Like a Historian in Grade 6. Note that each lesson is preceded by a standards alignment page. The standards alignment contain two primary focus standards: one for reading and one for writing. These standards are indicated in bold. While the standards do not function in isolation, teachers should emphasize the standards bolded in each instructional component.

The writing emphasis for the first instructional component is expository and for the second is argument, at each grade level.

For additional information on assisting low-achieving students, high-achieving students, students with disabilities, and English learners click here
 Semester One Semester Two                   
Egyptian Pyramids
Athenian Democracy
Hammurabi’s Code
Assyrian Siege of Jerusalem
Fall of the Qin Dynasty
Confucianism and Daoism
Roman Republic