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    District Office of Transition Services    

  • The DOTS team coordinates the planning and delivery of transition services for all students with disabilities, beginning at age 14 (or younger, if appropriate) to prepare them for transition from school to adult living.

    Transition teachers serve District high schools and middle schools and provide the following services:

    At the high school level, transition teachers: 
        • Support Individualized Transition Plan (ITP) compliance.
        • Provide transition instruction and assessment.
        • Make connections or referrals to outside agencies.
        • Assist students with post-secondary planning.
        • Assist with work-based learning programs (Workability, Transition Partnership Program, and Blind Field Services).

    At the middle school level, teachers: 
        • Collaborate with middle school teachers to facilitate assessments and instruction for students who will turn 14 within their next IEP year.

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