November 6, 2020

Posted by Whole Child Integrated Data on 11/6/2020

Release Notes for Late September and October 2020 

The following additions and changes were made available to users in October and late September. 


Community of Schools Administrator (CoSA) Pages 

  • The new menu for CoSA users contains three pages: 
  • CoSA at a Glance 
  • CoSA Performance View 
  • School Administrator 


DIBELS Progress Monitoring Dates  

  • BOY and MOY Interval dates for DIBELS Progress Monitoring and cut-off dates for growth calculations have been updated, including in Student Monitoring, Assessment Analytics, and Principal’s At a Glance 



  • A School Year filter (defaulted to the current year) was added to the Whole Child navigation menu, allowing users to view historical data.  
  • Location-based users (e.g., Principal, Counselor, Local District, etc.) can change the school year to a previous year (e.g., 2019 – 2020) and look up historical performance data for current-year enrolled students. 
  • For roster-based users (Teachers), changing to a prior school year provides performance data that matches the year of student being taught.  


Principal Workbench / Resource Management / Community View  

  • Information on student devices has been added to the geospatial map layers, allowing the user to see the location of individual students with and without devices, color-coded blue, and red, respectively.  Information about the device type is also available. 


Principal Workbench / Resource Management / Employee View / Staff Profile 

  • The Staff Profile, Details view for teachers now includes a table for PD Completion – Continuity of Learning PD; it includes PD Course Level, Completed (Yes/No), and Completion Date.   


Tracking at a Glance Widgets  

  • The widgets now categorize products/applications/textbooks as either “Core” (applicable only to students enrolled in courses that tie back to the product) or “Supplementary” (applicable to the school type and grade level).   
  • New data sources have been added.  Refer to the Remote Learning Student Related Information Quick Guide by clicking on the link at the top of this What’s New page.