Release Notes for March 2021

Posted by Whole Child Integrated Data on 4/16/2021

CoS Staff User Role Assignment to System of Support Advisors (SoSAs)  

  • Employees who are assigned to the position “System of Support Advisor” at Communities of Schools are now automatically given CoS Staff user role access, based on their human resources position and cost center   

Integrate Renaissance, IXL, and Edulastic data Throughout the Whole Child Application 

  • Academic and achievement data from Renaissance, IXL, and Edulastic are now integrated into Whole Child across multiple pages including the following: 
  • At-A-Glance Page (for administrators) 
  • ClassroomSchool, and CoS Performance Views (Data Cards) 
  • Student Monitoring (Data Panels) 
  • Assessment Analytics 
  • Whole Child View > Educational Technology 
  • Additional details are provided in the Instructional Technology Related Student Information Quick Guide available on this website: Quick Links > Professional Development Resources > User Guides & Information.