Release Notes for February 2021

Posted by Whole Child Integrated Data on 3/9/2021

 Assistant Principal (AP) User Role Access to School Finance Information  

  • Employees with the AP user role can now access school finance information at the following location:  Resource Management (RM) > Finance (FNC) 

 CoS Staff User Role Ability to Impersonate APs 

  • Employees with the CoS Staff user role can now impersonate APs within their Community of Schools at the following location:     School Administrators (SCA) > Click on an employee ID. 


Counselor User Roles Access to School View  

  • From the main navigation menu, Counselors, including Academic, PSA, and PSW, may now access the School View (SVW) screen which provides aggregate data and graph reports describing overall performance for all students at the school. 


DRDP Data Available in Whole Child View  

  • Desired Results Development Profile (DRDP) data is now available in the Whole Child View > Early Education > DRDP Details. 
  • DRDP is a comprehensive preschool assessment that provides a look at progress in key areas of learning and child development as children move through Early Education programs; DRDP data provides Kindergarten teachers with key information that supports students as they transition to elementary school curriculum. 
  • In the coming months, additional columns will be added for estimated grade level and fall and spring DRDP scores.