Release Notes for November 13, 2020 

Posted by Whole Child Integrated Data on 11/20/2020

The following additions and changes were made available to users.  

Notifications for Teacher, Student Support, and Principal Workbenches  

  • A student attendance notification is now sent to users for students who are absent for 60% or more of the instructional week, which is three or more days in a five-day school week.  This notification, based on MiSiS attendance records, remains visible for three days in Whole Child and supports the following California Department of Education (CDE) guidance.   

In accordance with SB98, schools are to develop written procedures for tiered reengagement strategies for all pupils who are absent from distance learning for more than three schooldays or 60 percent of the instructional days in a school week. These procedures shall include, but are not limited to, verification of current contact information for each enrolled pupil, daily notification to parents or guardians of absences, and a plan for outreach from the school to determine pupil needs, including connection with health and support services as necessary