Release Notes 2/3/2020

Posted by CASE Core Team on 2/3/2020


A soft warning displays when a user attempts to create a new Child Case when one of the same type already exists within the Parent Case.

The list of Manual Closure Reasons for most triggers has been updated in CASE, as requested.  

Certificated Discipline

The Overturned and Settlement Suspension Appeal outcomes should no longer allow Arbitration - the slider is now deactivated. 


Validations have been added to the End Date field in the Responsible Party stage.  Chronological gaps should no longer occur - the system prevents new gaps from occurring, and existing gaps must be corrected before exiting the stage. 


A Delete icon has been added to the Settled Cases table - users may click on the icon for the corresponding row to delete the entry from the table.


Several new features were added to the Classified trigger.  For additional information, please review the February Change Guide.