Release Notes - 11/20/2019

Posted by CASE Core Team on 11/20/2019 4:30:00 PM



A new column has been added to the CASE home page (CASE Summary Page) to distinguish Parent Cases from Child Cases.  Parent Cases are labeled as Parent; Child Cases are identified by the Trigger name.  


Employee Name Change Corrections

Employee records with name change discrepancies in the CASE Application have been corrected - existing Parent and Child Cases were updated dynamically.  Going forward, name changes should be captured in CASE the day after the change is entered in SAP

Child Cases/Triggers

All - A Child Case Trigger Name label has been added to the case header section.



  1. The Arrest Notification Email has been updated to include the Employee Job Title.
  2. The obsolete Arrest field has been removed from the Charges pop-up data entry screen.

Certificated DemotionThe dropdown list values for the Administrative Review, Informal Appeal, and Board sections have been updated to the following:

  1. Sustain Demotion/Loss of Confidence
  2. Overturn Demotion/Loss of Confidence
  3. Other 

Certificated Discipline 

  1. When the Discipline Issued is Letter of Reprimand, Manual Closure is no longer required - a Save and Close button has been added to the bottom of the screen.
  2. When a Grievance Meeting Outcome is Overturned/Remedy Granted for either step 1 or step 2, the data entry fields for the remaining steps are shaded out.
  3. When the Request for Arbitration slider is OFF and the Grievance Filed slider is ON, the Request for Arbitration stage button no longer displays at the bottom of the screen.  The button will only display if the Request for Arbitration slider is ON. 

Classified Series

  1. Division HR Reps now have read-access to Arrest data.
  2. When the Pre-Disciplinary Meeting Slider is OFF, the Meeting Outcome field is no longer required data entry and is shaded out.
  3. The Number of Days Suspension data entry field in the NOUS stage has been updated to Number of Suspension Days - Initial.
  4. When a Skelly Responder Sustains (agrees with) the initial discipline recommendation entered in the Pre Disciplinary stage, the value carries over and populates the Board Action Under Consideration field in the SOC/Board stage. 
  5. When a Skelly Responder changes the initial discipline recommendation to another Disciplinary value that is subject to Board review, the NEW value will carry over and populate the Board Action Under Consideration field in the SOC/Board stage.
  6. Two new data entry fields have been added to the SOC/Board stage to track Statement Of Charges correspondence - Certified Mail Number and Certified Mail Date (Rec'd by P.O.).
  7. Data Entry fields in the SOC/Board stage have been updated to reflect the following:
    • Complete Disciplinary Packet Received by HR to Date Disciplinary Packet Received
    • Employment Summary Completion by ER to Date Employment Summary Completed 
    • SOC Draft from ER to HR Rep to Date ER sent SOC Draft to HR Rep
    • Final SOC is approved by HR to Date HR Approved Final SOC
    • Date Letter with Board Action Sent by ER to Date ER Sent Letter with Board Action


  1. The misspelled word Calender was corrected to Calendar in the Responsible Party tab.
  2. The values OAH Adverse Decision and Administrative Hold were added to the Stage dropdown list of values in the Responsible Party tab.