Outstanding Graduate: Algernon Jackson of King-Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science

Posted by DARYL STRICKLAND on 6/7/2019

Piling On the Difficult Classes Leads to UCLA

Algernon Jackson displayed rare tenacity in pursuing academic achievement. He completed some high school requirements over the summer so that he could enroll this school year in tougher courses at King-Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science. He flourished. 

Algernon Jackson, a graduating student from King-Drew Senior High Medical Magnet School, is headed to UCLA. Algernon was among eight students out of 60 who passed the AP Biology exam; among the 20 students of 70 who passed AP English. What’s more, he scored very high on the SAT college entrance exam. Unlike many students who lighten their schedule as seniors, Algernon took on a rigorous course load. He took AP Statistics; AP Environmental Science; AP Government/Economics; and Honors Expository Composition/World Literature.

His academic success bolstered his reputation as a scholar. His English and social studies instructors, for instance, describe him like this: A deliberate observer, an analytical thinker, a thoughtful writer.

His interests, however, extend beyond the classroom. Algernon loves to act, direct and create stories that evoke retrospection and promote tolerance. He also enjoys a variety of musical genres. Combining his artistic and academic strengths, Algernon’s essence resides in his integrity, and compassion for others.

Overcoming adversity has been, perhaps, the biggest factor in making him the person he is today.  A person who makes those who know him, proud. Starting in September, Algernon will attend UCLA.

It will take neither Westwood nor those around him long to realize that he is a gem.