Outstanding graduate: Haesung Jee, Cleveland Charter High School

Posted by BARBARA JONES on 5/28/2019

Love of learning propels Cleveland scholar to Harvard

Haesung Jee The youngest daughter of immigrant Korean parents, Haesung Jee grew up with a thirst for knowledge and the ambition to seek out opportunities.

She attended Balboa Elementary Gifted Magnet and Sepulveda Middle School Gifted Magnet before enrolling in the Humanities Magnet at Cleveland Charter High School. She has taken 13 Advanced Placement classes at the Reseda campus, ranging from Physics and Chemistry to European History and English Literature. She earned straight-As at Cleveland, and is a valedictorian for the Class of 2019.

Although interested in the fields of public health, medical sociology, and medicine, Haesung is multifaceted. She is witty, studious, and humble, and is highly regarded by both peers and faculty. She is active in the church where her father is pastor, serves as editor-in-chief of the Cleveland school paper, and knows multiple computer programming languages. 

On her own initiative, she contacted UCLA professors in public health and sought out a research internship, using her talent in calligraphy to conduct image-data analysis on the cell images of mice. She also observed and participated in surgeries at UCLA, and co-authored a research paper. As a junior, she participated in the Telluride Association Summer Program and attended a six-week seminar led by college and university scholars for students who were simply eager to learn.

Haesung also started an organization called Code Buddy that connects Cleveland volunteers with students in 11 local elementary schools, who learned computer coding in weekly lessong. Further, she is an officer in Expressive Asians, a school organization for students to discuss Asian American issues.

A recipient of National Merit, Milken and Gates scholarships, Haesung will attend Harvard University this fall. She plans to pursue a career in public health.

Submitted by Cleveland Charter High School Principal Cindy Duong