Research Proposal Submission and Approval

For 2019-2020, CERR will only accept research proposals during the following windows:

  • April 2020

Once your proposal has been approved

  • If you are planning to visit schools to collect data, you will be required to complete the applicable "volunteer program" form(s) listed here (see BUL-6746.2 for details).
  • If you need data not currently available in the LAUSD Open Data Portal, you will be required to complete a Data Use Agreement, which will be sent to you soon after your research proposal is approved by CERR.

Completed Research Project Requirements

  • All researchers are required to submit their findings to CERR, in a practitioner-friendly format, such as: infographic, presentation slides, or summary of findings.
  • If you identify the District in your research, CERR requires up to 30 days to review any relevant documents to ensure privacy rights are not violated and interests of the District are not jeopardized.