September 3, 2019 New Student School Board Member Frances Suavillo Sworn In

LOS ANGELES – Pledging to advocate for all students, Frances Suavillo was sworn in as the 2019-20 student board member at the Los Angeles Board of Education today. 

After taking the oath, she said, “I want to make sure all voices across Los Angeles Unified will be heard. I will make sure I am the vessel of the voices from the classrooms.”

“Los Angeles Unified is so diverse, so rich in culture, I am also going to make sure that English Learners are given the best and pushed into greater opportunities,” she continued. “Personally, I know how important it is for English Learners to get this support.”

Originally from the Philippines, Frances was 9 years old when she and her family moved to Southern California. Tagalog is her first language. She learned English at Van Deene Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles Unified.

Frances is a senior at Carson Senior High School – with a 4.2 GPA – taking Advanced Placement and honors courses. She is the fifth representative since student participation on the board was revived in 2014.

“Frances will help give voice to the views and needs of students in all of our schools,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “I look forward to working with her.”

School Board Vice President Jackie Goldberg said, “I look forward to learning from Ms. Suavillo, as we take up the critical issues facing our students at our schools and in their homes and communities.”

School Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said, “I extend a warm welcome to our newest student board member. I am confident Miss Suavillo will represent the voice of students on the policy issues that come before the board for consideration. Her predecessors made a significant impact during their board service and we look forward to Miss Suavillo’s contributions.”

School Board Member Mónica García said, “Congratulations, Frances Suavillo, and welcome to the fight for equity and access! We are looking forward to your valuable perspective and representation of students on the board of education.”

School Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson said, “Welcome Frances Suavillo! Since 2014, it has been an honor and pleasure to work with every single student board member. Each student comes with a wealth of enthusiasm and ideas and it is clear that Frances is an extraordinary young woman. We must always encourage students to be civically engaged and make their voices heard on critical issues facing our district, state and nation. I look forward to working with and learning from Frances during the 2019-2020 school year.” 

School Board Member Nick Melvoin said, “We are thrilled to welcome Frances Suavillo as our new student board member! I am impressed by her passion to make Los Angeles Unified students’ voices heard in the decision-making process and look forward to seeing her vision and ideas for student engagement come to fruition over the course of this year.”

School Board Member Kelly Gonez said, “I am thrilled to welcome Board Member Suavillo. She is a critical link to the students of Los Angeles Unified, who we seek to serve every day. I look forward to her participation enriching our discussions and learning from her perspective throughout the year.”