April 3, 2019 41 Framed Photo Collection of the 1968 Walkouts Housed at Theodore Roosevelt High School

Contact: Mindy Kordash-Shim, (213) 241-6180

41 Framed Photo Collection of the 1968 Walkouts Housed at Theodore Roosevelt High School

LOS ANGELES - In commemoration of the 51st anniversary of the 1968 Walkouts, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Chicano Studies Research Center and Dr. Carlos Haro partnered with the Office of Board President Mónica García, to facilitate the loan of 41 vintage photos to Theodore Roosevelt High School. The photos will be on display at the school library for a 10-year period. 

Dr. Haro is an alumnus of Theodore Roosevelt High School and UCLA. He retired from the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center (CSRC), and continues with the CSRC as the Postdoctoral Scholar in Residence. The framed print collection is from the 1968 and 1970 Walkouts when students from Roosevelt, Wilson, Garfield, Belmont and Lincoln high schools walked out in protest for a better and more equal education.

For the big reveal of the photo collection, Roosevelt High School principals, Mr. Ben Gertner and Mr. Jose Espinoza, students and teachers were joined by Board President García, Local District East Superintendent Jose Huerta, Dr. Carlos Haro and many of the student leaders from the 1968 Walkouts. 

“It was a historic day at Los Angeles Unified. We are so grateful to our partners at UCLA, especially Dr. Haro, who are giving back to our community in such a special way,” said Board President García. “The Roosevelt modernization project is well underway and this piece of history, the spirit and the power of the 1968 student activists, will live on forever.”

“They [the photos] are here.  They are here for students, they are here for community…to bring to light what happened 51 years ago,” said Dr. Haro. “I am very grateful for the excellent cooperation of all of the people here at Los Angeles Unified.”

“The students in 1968 walked out for educational equality and justice. Sal Castro called these students ‘Los Niños Heroes,’” said Charlotte Lerchenmuller, the spouse of the late Sal Castro.

The exhibit is on loan to Theodore Roosevelt High School and the Los Angeles Unified School District for ten years, from April 1, 2019 to April 1, 2029. The collection of framed prints will be returned to CSRC in 2029, in the same condition. The collection is valued at $20,500.