What activities may be used for Step Advancement credit?

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Staff Development activities that may be used for Step Advancement include but are not limited to the following:

• College coursework - the coursework must be related to the teaching assignment - use the CW form

• Conducting a demonstration lesson - use the D form

• Attendance at a conference, workshop or seminar - use the CA form

• Presentation at a conference, workshop or seminar has a max of 5 presenters and is worth 10 hours regardless of length - use the CW form

• Classroom observations - use the O form

• Attendance at the LAUSD Professional Development Branch classes - use the CA form

• Level I and Level II - use the CA form

• Peer Observations: Max = 10 hours if on Step0A and 5 hours if on Step0B - use the O form

• Development of course outlines requires approval from Central office Subject Supervisors - use the CA form and attach letter from subject supervisor regarding activity


To obtain the referenced forms above, please visit https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/1540