Payment to Agency Report


When an agency receives a gift or donation that is used by one or more officials in the agency for agency business, the payment must be disclosed on the Form 801.  It may include travel payments, reimbursements or other uses by an official.  It does not include tickets and passes that may need to be disclosed on the Form 802.  The payment and its use must comply with either Cal. Code Reg. Sections 18944 or 18950.1 to be reported on the Form 801.  When a payment is reported on the Form 801, the agency official that used the payment does not need to report it on their Form 700.  Please see additional information regarding Regulations 18944 and 18950.1 below.  The information provided below is meant to be illustrative and not exhaustive.  Check regulations for further information.

The law also requires that an agency publicly post its Form 801's online.  Please send originally signed Form 801's to the Ethics Office for posting.


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