Technical Maintenance: Junk Mail Filters

Starting October 29, the District is performing technical maintenance to your mailbox setting, in particular your junk email filters. Your mailbox in the cloud has several junk email filters that identify and quarantine suspected spam messages. These filters evaluate each incoming message using several criteria that can include the time the email was sent, the content within the email and its attachments, etc.
Why are we performing this maintenance? Overall, maintenance is vital to up keeping our systems up to date. We are updating the junk email filters to make enhancements to our infrastructure, ensure we are running on the latest version and, in the long-run, ensure efficiency of the tool.
During this maintenance period, you may see changes to your junk email settings you previously established. Monitor your emails to see if your filter settings have changed as these filters may switch to incorrectly classifying legitimate messages as junk. 
We recommend you regularly review the junk email folder to check for legitimate messages that may have been incorrectly classified as junk. A good rule of thumb is to checking your junk email folder every day or two.
If you find a message that isn’t junk, simply click the “Junk” button, and select “Not Junk.” This will give you the option to whitelist (or always trust) the address, so messages from that sender’s email address will not be marked as junk going forward.
To change the options for the junk email filter, read the instructions in the “Managing Junk Email” training document – click here to access instructions.
If you have any questions about Outlook Email: 
The LAUSD Messaging Team