MiSiS Grade Passback 2.0 (MGP 2.0)

MiSiS Grade Passback (MGP 2.0)


The Personalized Learning Systems (PLS) department has released an update to the existing MiSiS Grade Passback application. The new MiSiS Grade Passback 2.0 (MGP 2.0) application has an updated look and feel and incorporates new features to help teachers submit grades to MiSiS.


The new MGP 2.0 is an up to date version of the original grade passback app, introducing new features requested by teachers. The MGP 2.0 app  provides teachers with expandable student rows to display previous grading period marks and MiSiS attendance. The app incorporates a better color coding for easier identification of publishing status, grade distribution counts, and more. The new MGP 2.0 app is also closely tied to MiSiS for better data validation, reducing the number of sync errors encountered with the previous version.


The new MiSiS Grade Passback 2.0 is available to secondary schools that opt-in as early adopters. Schools interested in getting early access can submit the Opt-in form http://bit.ly/MGP2optin. Beginning January 11, 2022, all teachers will have access to the MGP 2.0 app. All teachers should transition over to the MGP 2.0 app before the end of the 2021-2022 school year. The MiSiS Grade Passback (MGP 1.0) app will no longer be available after June 30, 2022. For more information about MGP 2.0, visit https://achieve.lausd.net/mgp2.