Initial Planning Sheets

Posted by MICHELE PARSONS on 9/6/2018

The Initial Planning Sheet is a set of long-term goals for the year.  These are over-arching objectives that are intended to provide a direction for the development of strategies and professional growth over time.  These are not lesson objectives that can be accomplished in a single class session or during any one activity, but rather goals to work toward.

As each objective is developed, you are asked to consider first what it might look like if practice were to improve in that specific area.  For example, if a teacher were to select Element 3c1:  Management of routiines, procedures, and transitions for his Instructional Growth Objective, he might focus on improving classroom practice specifically around transitions.  If transitions were to become more seamless, the teacher might see that he has more instructional time to dedicate to meeting the content standards.  He might also see a more organized environment that lends itself to better classroom management.

The next step is to consider specific strategies that can be attempted in order to foster improvement.  Strategies are those specific techniques or skills that will be used to help attain the objective.  If we consider the example used above, the teacher would think about specific things he could try in his classroom that would make the transitions happen more smoothly.  One possibility might be the use of a timer.  The teacher might plan to download an electronic timer, or use a manual timer, to give students a finite amount of time to move from one activity to the next.  Another strategy might be to assign students roles that will help to speed transitions--for example, one student might be responsible for getting books or materials for their group, while another is in charge of collecting and handing in homework or assignments.

After this, you will identify Action Steps.  Action Steps are those things you will do in order to prepare yourself to implement the strategies listed above.  For instance, the teacher who is working on transitions might do an internet search for free online timers he can download or link to.  He might also consider talking to a colleague who has mentioned that she often assigns her students various tasks to expedite activities in the classroom.

As you develop your objectives for the year, don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.  These objectives are not intended to be tests or "gotcha!" moments, but rather to identify areas that will be useful to improve, and offer a plan to help enhance practice.Plan