Welligent Updates April 15, 2019

Update to LRE Analysis

Effective immediately, when selecting the LRE, the IEP team will be required to consider the potential harmful effect(s) on the student or on the quality of services that he or she needs. After completing Step E on the LRE Analysis form, IEP teams will select all of the potential harmful effect(s) from the list of items that apply to complete the following statement:

The student’s needs as reflected in the contents of this IEP, and the placement being considered by the IEP team, outweigh any potential harmful effects at this time, including (check all that apply): ___________________________________________ .


NOW AVAILABLE: Welligent ISP for Private School Students ONLY

The Individual Services Plan (ISP) is now available in Welligent through the IEP module. Schools of residence (SOR) can easily access and develop the ISP for students enrolled in private schools. The content of the ISP has changed. The SOR must use the Welligent ISP from March 11 onward. It is the responsibility of the SOR to complete a Welligent ISP for students eligible for special education attending a parentally placed private school within LAUSD boundaries.

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New Dropdown Option Available in FAPE Pt. 2, IEP Services
Please be advised that there is a new dropdown option available in FAPE Pt. 2, IEP services, for identifying the 'Responsible Personnel' who will implement services. The option, 'Nonpublic School Provider' is to be used only when a student is enrolled, or will be enrolled, in a nonpublic school and that school will be responsible for providing the service(s).