SSO Requests In OneAccess Starting October 30, 2017

A new Non-Employee SSO Request Portal is Coming! On October 30, 2017, oneAccess will become the new portal for all non-employee SSO requests, which includes:

  • Non Public schools
  • Charters schools
  • LAUSD contractors
  • Non Public agencies

The oneAccess portal will replace the Ez-Access SSO request system. If you are one of the groups listed above, all new SSO request should be submitted on the new system.

EZ Access can no longer be used to request SSO accounts. Starting October 30, all users will be redirected to oneAccess to submit SSO account requests. Site administrators must also use oneAccess to approve SSO account requests and select roles. Click on the link below for the oneAccess guide.

oneAccess guide

oneAccess Approver guide