Inside Phonics Teacher Materials

by David Moore Year Published: Williams Sufficiency Requirement

Build fundamental reading and spelling skills with highly interactive materials designed specifically for older students. Connected to our middle and high school programs, or as a stand-alone program, Inside Phonics helps students gain independence in reading and writing. Phonics Decoding Transparencies, Teacher Scripts, Sound/Spelling Cards, Letter and Word Tiles, Word Builder CD-ROM, 6 Write-On/Wipe-Off Boards and pens, and 2 Sounds & Songs CDs

Website: National Geographic Learning

Course: ELD 1A/B & ELD 2A/B

To be used with students needing Foundational Literacy Skills support in Middle School ELD Levels 1&2

Teacher Materials:

     • Inside Phonics Kit

     • Inside Phonics: Teacher's Guide

     • Inside Phonics: Reading Practice Book Teacher's Annotated Edition