April 12, 2019

Posted by Focus Reporting and Dashboards on 4/15/2019

Dashboard Updates

Credit Recovery Report:  The Credit Recovery Dashboard is now available to all users.  To access the report, go to Instruction and then Graduation Progress, then select the Credit Recovery Tab.



Report Updates

New SSPT Consolidated Report – The four SSPT reports have been consolidated into one report.  This report provides the total count of SSPT requests and referrals by Local District, as well as SSPT referrals by student ethnicity and referral reason.  To access the report, go to Summary, Monitoring Reports, then click on SSPT Consolidated Reports.


NYE Incoming Students Report – This new report displays a list of incoming students and their future school and grade level. It also includes current demographic information, attendance rates, student testing data and programs. This report will display all incoming students even without current grades.  This report can be accessed by going to Summary > Monitoring Reports > NYE Incoming Students.   

(To view NYE incoming students and their current grades, use the Incoming Students report by going to Summary > Mail Merge > Incoming Students.  Note: this will only include students who have grades. Any incoming students without grades will not display in this report.)

Ad Hoc Reporting Subject Area Updates

All Subject Areas Using Latest Test Scores Folder - The ELPAC scores in the Latest Test Scores folder have been updated to include columns for Listening, Reading and Writing.

Student Detail Subject Area - 5 additional columns have been added to the Student Detail Subject Area>Adjusted YTD Attendance.   Adj Full Days Excused, Adj Full Days Suspended, Adj Full Days Uncleared, Adj Full Days Unexcused, Adj Days Unenrolled are now available