OneAccess for Non-Employee SSO Requests Coming Soon

A New Non-Employee SSO Request Portal is Coming!
OneAccess will become the new portal for all non-employee SSO requests, which includes:
  • non-public schools
  • charters
  • contractors 
  • non-public agencies
The OneAccess portal will replace the legacy Ez-Access SSO request system.  If you are one of the groups listed above, all new SSO request should be submitted on the new system.  You can reach OneAccess at
What's New
  1. The form will have a light and fresh new face to it, with new form level validations to improve request.
  2. Persons who work in a dual capacity as a District employee and Contractor will have two separate accounts.  A District account and a contractor account.  
  3. A new profile page for users to track their account status and expiration.