Modernizing the Cafeteria Management System

The Cafeteria Management System (CMS) has been implemented quietly and efficiently over the last couple of years. With almost 700 café sites using "back-of-the-house" functionality for menu planning,

inventory management, ordering, production records, and reimbursement claims, the system has been quickly learned and adopted by schools district-wide.

The last major phase of the project to be completed is the Point of Service (POS) phase, already rolled out at 433 elementary and secondary schools. Point of Service uses student photos or a pin number to identify each student uniquely when served a daily meal. This will enable schools to track meals served to students without need for lunch tickets or any kind of paper system. The modernized CMS will open the door for such future technologies as a web-based parent account where family members can log on and get regular updates on what their children have been eating and when.

With the completion of the project scheduled for summer 2012, the CMS has been a great model of successful implementations here at the District. Ownership by the Food Services Division, strong ITD CMS team members, close collaboration with, and support from, other ITD departments (e.g., Application Support, Network Operations, and the ITD Project Management Office), and solid support from ITD executives, are all factors that have contributed to the success of the project.

The CMS will support about 4,000 users, with the client server application running on more than 2,600 POS terminals and 700 cafeteria manager machines across school sites. Included in scope is a central data repository providing access from the CMS transactional system that provides the Food Services Division with the ability to analyze meal and operational data and assess trends and issues.

Check back here in the coming months for updates on the Cafeteria Management System and the rollout of new functionalities.
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