LD South Elementary Math Update

Posted by LISA SALDIVAR on 8/24/2015

Williams Compliance: The Williams List of District Adopted and Approved Textbooks was released. It indicates that only My Math (TK-5th) and CA Math (6th) will suffice for Williams Compliance. Envision can no longer be used for Williams Sufficiency unless there is a dire emergency and large amounts of new math materials were not delivered. Please email lisa.saldivar@lausd.net or call Lisa Saldivar at (310) 354-3492 if you believe your school is in this situation. 
Also in Elementary Math this week:
  • Surplus Texts
  • ALEKS Reminder for ALL Schools
  • My Math Access Codes

Surplus Texts: If your school has surplus My Math or CA Math student texts (Vol. 1. or Vol. 2) in any grade level, please email or call Lisa Saldivar at lisa.saldivar@lausd.net or (310) 354-3492. We do have schools that have seen recent growth and need student texts to comply with Williams. Every one helps! 
ALEKS Reminder: As part of the My Math adoption, each school will receive a certain number of licenses for the online ALEKS intervention program for 3rd-6th students. Each school team needs to create an administrator at each school who will be responsible for managing subscriptions and creating additional teacher accounts. Once the ALEKS team gets the names and emails of the administrators from each school, they will create an account for each administrator.  When the administrator accounts are created, each administrator will be e-mailed a welcome letter that contains their login information.  Please send the first and last name and the email address of the chosen administrator to lisa.saldivar@lausd.net with the subject ALEKS.
My Math Access Codes:  
LAUSD ITD and McGraw-Hill are still working on the personal teacher and student access codes to the online curriculum and resources and should be released shortly. Until then, the demo codes can still be used to gain access.