Bernstein New Media students produce PSA featuring Superintendent, Board of Education

In early December, Bernstein High School students played a key role in helping Superintendent Michelle King and the Board of Education articulate important messages about community concerns. As part of the school’s New Media Program, which combines classroom instruction and real-life experience in teaching elements of broadcast media production,  students produced a public service announcement featuring King, Board President Steve Zimmer and Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez.

“We are extremely proud of our students and the increasing level of ownership they are taking in what they’re learning,” said Bernstein High Principal Andre Spicer. “The community was absolutely abuzz with excitement when word got out that our students were using their skills to provide an important service to their school district.”

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Click the image to view the Behind the Scenes video produced by Bernstein students.

The 3-year-old New Media program is led by two teachers and a teaching assistant who is herself a recent Bernstein graduate. As many as 350 students are enrolled in the program at any given time. They receive traditional classroom instruction in areas including short film and news brief production. Students learn about all elements of pre-production (planning and design), production (camera work, lighting, sound design) and post production (editing, graphic design).

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Spicer is working to develop partnerships with professional organizations that can help expand student opportunities. The school already has partnerships with Paramount Studios and the New York Film Academy and recently launched a partnership with Sony Pictures, which will include presentations and seminars by professionals on campus and internship opportunities for Bernstein students.

“Providing the opportunity for students to receive classroom instruction and hands-on experience in fields that they’re passionate about is step one,” Spicer said. “When they have opportunities to use the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired to serve their superintendent, Board members and communities, that leaves them with a unique sense of accomplishment that is unparalleled. We could not be more proud as educators to facilitate these types of experiences.