MiSiS Updates - June 24, 2020

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 6/24/2020

MiSiS Announcements:

The MiSiS website

Due to the updates to the MiSiS landing page, users are advised to delete any previous MiSiS bookmarks and log on at http://misis.lausd.net. After logging on, create a new bookmark.

The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


  • Student alerts which display on the Student Profile and search results are now determined by a nightly process. Alerts for Health, Discipline, and Court Orders reflect data for the current date. All other alerts reflect data for the previous day.


  • The Repeating Courses report has been corrected to generate when data is available.

Athletic Eligibility

  • The Groups have been enhanced to include the Official Athletic Teams (OAT) for 2020-21 at all schools with grades 9-12.

English Learner

  • The English Learner screen has been enhanced to prevent schools from adding an Initial Language Classification and date for students.  The official Initial Language Classification and date will be updated when the Initial ELPAC records are available in MiSiS.
  • The Annual English Learner Letter has been enhanced to include the new graduation rate for EL’s.
  • The Alerts have been enhanced to include two new alerts to identify 2nd year and repeating kindergarten students.  The RK alert will identify repeating kindergarteners and the 2K alert will identify students in their 2nd year of an approved kinder program. Both alerts will be available in the Student Search screen.


  • The Secondary Schools and Options Schools Report Cards have been enhanced and now include a Group parameter which populates based on the Group Category selected.  The Group Categories are ‘All’ Groups, ‘Counselor’ Groups, ‘SLC’ Groups, ‘No Groups Assigned’, or ‘Other’.
  • The Grade of ‘F’ has been reinstated for Secondary School teachers to select when awarding grades.
  • The following 2 Secondary Schools Report Card comments have been removed from the list of available comments for selection.  They were displayed as comment #72 and #73, respectively:
    1. “In danger of not meeting proficiency.”
    2. “In danger of not meeting proficiency and will be enrolled in summer school or other learning recovery opportunity.”

Graduation Standards

  • The Graduation Progress Report has been corrected and will now display based on the user selection.

Student Testing

  • The California Spanish Assessment (CSA) has been added to the Test Scores screen and will display a score and a range value of 1-3 for students who have been assessed.
  • The Test Scores screen has been enhanced to display additional information for students tested with SBAC or CAA assessments.  The data may include additional details such as “not tested, parent exemption”, etc.


  • The High School Transcript Details screen has been enhanced to prevent the entry of future terms or future course completion dates for Transcript Records that are manually entered.