MiSiS Updates - May 29, 2020

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 5/29/2020

MiSiS Announcements: 

Student Photos 

Access to the LAUSD Photo Portal will end on 06/30/2020 for all photo vendors. 

Beginning July 1, Principals may begin granting access to next year’s photo vendor by changing the date to “06/30/2021”. 

  • If your school will be continuing your partnership with the current photo vendor, Principals may log in to the LAUSD Photo Portal and extend the date to “06/30/2021”. 
  • If your school will be seeking partnership with a new photo vendor, and the vendor already has access to the LAUSD Photo Portal, Principals may log in to the LAUSD Photo Portal to grant access to the new vendor and assign “06/30/2021” as an ending date. 
  • If the new vendor does not have access to the LAUSD Photo Portal, please have the vendor review the Student Photo Checklist for further instructions on how the vendor may apply for access.  

Please note that only the Principal may enter this date. 

For granting and authorizing vendor access to the Photo Portal, please refer to the Schools section of the Student Photos job aids on the MiSiS website.     


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS: 


  • The Office Manager user role may now revoke Option Area and Special Education placement transfer types.  
  • The Race/Ethnicity dropdown on the Enrollment Screen now includes additional values per the AANHPI AMEMSA Board Resolution.  The LAUSD Enrollment Form will be updated in the Fall to allow schools to collect the additional values at the time of enrollment.  


  • The Walk-In screen has been enhanced to load sections in a timely manner. 


  • The V attendance absence reason codes, used for students who attend a District approved Saturday school program, have been enhanced to be counted as absent. 

English Learner 

  • The English Learner Rosters have been enhanced to display students’ ethnicities. 

Graduation Standards 

  • The ‘Eligible for Graduation' Indicator has been corrected and will now display ‘Yes’ for students who have completed the CDE Requirements and have opted for LAUSD Graduation Exemptions. 
  • The Middle School IGP Report has been made available to the ‘Whole Child’ System. 


  • A new screen and report have been developed for HR Credentialing Office to help correct mis-assignments. 
  • The ESSA Parent Notification Letter has been updated to display the course and credential information in a more organized manner. 

Special Education Placement Portal 

  • The Excel download of search results now includes additional columns.  

Summer School 

  • The Summer School Section Editor screen now displays 4 periods.  


  • The Middle School Transcript Report has been made available to the ‘Whole Child’ System.