MiSiS Updates - May 20, 2020

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 5/20/2020


While the transition to distance learning occurs, the District has updated its grading policy.  In order to protect its students, the District is requiring teachers to use a modified 2-4 grading scale for their Spring grades for all elementary school students.  As such, the following updates have been made to MiSiS: 

  • The grade of ‘1’ has been removed and will not be available for selection when entering grades for the Academic and ELD Subject areas. 
  • The mark of ‘N/A’ has been made available as an option for every content standard in the Academic Subject areas, except English Language Arts. 
  • The validation, which prevents teachers from reporting the mark of ‘N/A’ in all three Grading Periods to any content standard of the Visual and Performing Arts subject area, has been removed.  Teachers now have the option to select ‘N/A’ in Grading Period 3, even if an ‘N/A’ was reported in Grading Period 1 and 2 to any particular content standard in the Visual and Performing Arts subject area.