MiSiS Updates - March 4, 2020

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 3/4/2020

MiSiS Announcements:

LAUSD Student Photo Portal

As a reminder, only the Principal and/or Assistant Principals may assign a new or extend access to an existing Photo Vendor for the school in the LAUSD Photo Portal. Providing access to the photo vendor allows the vendor representative to upload student photos for use in MiSiS. If the photo vendor does not have access to the Photo Portal for the school, the photo vendor will still be able to send the photos to the school site for a school staff member to upload, as a designee.

For information on providing photo vendor and/or school staff designee access to the Photo Portal, please refer to the Granting Access to Photo Vendors and Designee job aid on the MiSiS website.

Class Attendance 2.0 Screens are now available for all K-12 comprehensive teachers

This excludes continuation, Carlson, City of Angels schools. The Enter Attendance as a Teacher Using the New Class Attendance 2.0 Screens job aid is available under the Attendance job aids section.

It is recommended that users:

  1. Clear their browser cache before logging into MiSiS and using the new attendance screens. For instructions on how to clear your browser cache, please see the FAQ posted under Using MiSiS.
  2. Update the bookmark of roster screen to the new attendance screens. For instructions on how to create or remove a bookmark, please see the FAQ posted under Using MiSiS.

For user issues, please contact the ITD HelpDesk at (213)241-5200, from 7:30 am to 4:45 pm, Mon-Fri (press 5 and then 2 for MiSiS), or submit a ticket online at https://lausd-myit.onbmc.com/ and select Request Software Application Technical Support. Please provide screen name (List, Seating Chart), steps to reproduce, and screenshots.


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


  • Special characters have been removed from student, parent, and emergency contact names.
  • Email addresses entered on the Other Family Member screen must be in correct format.
  • Parent/Guardian screen now includes fields for Legal Name and Preferred Name.


  • The “R” for “Retained” alert has been removed from the Walk-In, Sections Editor, Course Request and Mass Request Editor screens.


  • The Class Attendance 2.0 K-12 comprehensive teacher attendance screens have been enhanced to remove alerts for At Risk (AR), Eligible for Title I (T) and Retained in Prior Year (R), as these alerts are no longer valid.
  • The Master Absence Report has been corrected to only display teachers, within the selected school, in the Teacher dropdown menu.
  • The Attendance Not Submitted Report has been corrected to display the executed by person’s name accurately on the report footer.
  • The Truancy Letter 2 Report, accessed through the Admin Student Truancy Report screen, has been corrected to accurately display the correct truancy qualifying dates.

Athletic Eligibility

  • The Athletics Screen has been enhanced to add waiver Rule 203 Age Requirement in the waiver dropdown menu.
  • The Athletics Screen has been corrected to accurately display the age rules.


  • Comprehensive Academic Assessment fields have been removed from the Out of Home Care screen. Information is documented on the Counseling Communication screen.

English Learner

  • The reference to ELPAC and CELDT has been removed from the “English Language Proficiency Assessment” section of the Reclassification Letter.
  • A “Campus” parameter for the English Learner Student Schedule Summary report has been enhanced such that all students’ schedules within the campus display on the report.
  • The ELPAC Label has been enhanced to display a student’s grade level tested.


  • Manage SAS screen has been fixed.

Graduation Standards

  • An update has been applied to the Graduation Standards logic such that the LOTE and Algebra Waiver courses will no longer display as meeting the UC and CSU admission requirements.
  • The title of the Graduation Exemption Letter report has been corrected in the reports menu. The report was previously incorrectly displayed as ‘Graduation Notification Exemption Letter’.

Linked Learning

  • In progress courses now display on the Linked Learning/CTE screen.

Summer School

  • Schools are now able to start adding school enrollments and course requests on the Summer School screen.