MiSiS Updates - February 5, 2020

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 2/5/2020

MiSiS Announcements:

Beginning on March 3, 2020, all K-12 comprehensive teachers will be using the new Attendance Taking Screens to submit attendance. (This excludes Continuation, Carlson, and City of Angels schools.)  We strongly encourage users to review the Enter Attendance as a Teacher Using the New Class Attendance 2.0 Screens job aid, located on the Attendance job aids section, prior to the screens’ deployment.

It is recommended that users:

  1. Clear their browser cache before logging into MiSiS and using the new attendance screens.  For instructions on how to clear your browser cache, please see the FAQ posted under Using MiSiS.  
  2. Update the bookmark of roster screen to the new attendance screens.  For instructions on how to create or remove a bookmark, please see the FAQ posted under Using MiSiS.

For user issues, please contact the ITD HelpDesk at (213)241-5200, from 7:30 am to 4:45 pm, Mon-Fri (press 5 and then 2 for MiSiS), or submit a ticket online at https://lausd-myit.onbmc.com/ and select Request Software Application Technical Support.  Please provide screen name (List, Seating Chart), steps to reproduce, and screenshots.


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


  • The school-based PSA role may now access the Student Schedule Summary report found in Master Scheduling > Post-Commit reports.

Athletic Eligibility

  • The Athletic screen has been corrected to display the correct 50% rule eligibility.


  • On the Homeless screen, users may enter Identifying School field for students.

English Learner

  • The “Years Not Meeting Prof Criterion” column has been removed from all English Learner Rosters. 
  • The Spanish World Language Immersion Master Plan Program is now available for selection at all middle schools.
  • The Mandarin World Language Immersion Master Plan Program is now available for selection at all high schools.


  • The CA Content Standards grades for TK students can now be entered at any Dual Language Program school.  The CA Content Standards are no longer restricted to schools with 70/30 program models.
  • The Mathematics Content Standards for 6th grade students at Dual Language Schools are now displaying correct.
  • The Assigned Counselor Report will now correctly list the Counselors and their assigned students.
  • The Elementary Schools CA Content Standards Report Card now displays the attendance counts correctly.
  • An Auto-Save feature has been added to Elementary schools ‘Grades by Class’ and ‘Grades by Student’ screens.  The grades are auto-saved every 10 minutes by default but can be configured by the teachers to save every 5, 10 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes, as desired.

Graduation Standards

  • The Graduation Standards Summary Screen has been updated to include a Graduation Exemptions link that allows schools to designate students in specialized populations, such as Foster and Homeless, as graduation exemptions eligible.
  • The Specialized Population Graduation Exemption Letter Report has been modified as follows:
    1. The report has been renamed to ‘Graduation Exemption Letter’.
    2. The report has moved from the ‘Census’ Report Menu to the ‘Graduation Standards’ Report Menu.
    3. The ‘Potentially Eligible’ and ‘Mark as Criteria Not Met’ Options were removed.
    4. The letter templates were updated to include all Specialized Populations. 
  • For the Class of 2020 and beyond, ELD courses can now be substituted for 12th Grade level English courses that have been attempted and failed.

Student Support

  • The Referral screen, located under the Support profile tab, has been enhanced to allow users to select a Discipline Referral Reason category without having to select a subcategory.  
  • The Social Adjustment Report has been enhanced to display Graduation Exemption information.

Student Testing

  • The SBA Label/Roster have been renamed as State Testing Label/State Testing Roster and will include the ELPAC Initial and Summative tests.