MiSiS Updates - January 15, 2020

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 1/15/2020

MiSiS Announcements:


Schoology’s Audio/Video recorder was previously an Adobe Flash plug-in application.  Schoology has now upgraded its audio/video player to a new format.  With this new update, users will experience a new look to the interface, and will no longer receive the prompt to download or enable Flash when using the recorder.  The changes to the interface can be found in the linked document below:

Audio/Video Recorder Updates


The following items have been enhanced/corrected in MiSiS:


  • AR (At Risk), T (Title I) and R (Retained) alerts have been removed from the Student Profile.
  • On the Enrollment screen, users may no longer edit a student’s entry date to a date after a student referral date or end suspension date.
  • The Parent/Guardian Info screen now includes fields to enter parents Legal Name and Preferred Name. The Preferred Name only needs to be entered if different from Legal Name.  The Preferred Name field was added to comply with the LAUSD Enrollment Form.  Legal Name will continue to display on reports which include Parent/Guardian name.  Also, the tab function has been improved on the Parent/Guardian Info screen.


  • The following reports will no longer contain the Specialized Populations column:
    • Manage Groups
    • Student Request Status
    • Class Enrollment (student detail)
    • Potential Promotion & Demotion
    • Placement of Special Ed for Students
  • The Walk-In screen will no longer contain the quick link for Specialized Populations.
  • Primary Centers with kindergarten students may now create itinerant sections in the Itinerant Course Assignment screen.


  • The screens below have been enhanced to remove the At Risk (AR), Eligible for Title I (T) and Retained in Prior Year (R) alerts, which are no longer used:
    • Comprehensive school Teacher Roster, Student Tiles, and Seating Chart
    • Carlson Home & Hospital Student Roster Weekly
    • Carlson Home Manage Teacher/ Class Attendance
    • Continuation Teacher Roster
  • Truancy Letters #2 and #3 have been corrected to display the apartment number.
  • The Uncleared Absences Report-Continuation has been corrected to only display students currently enrolled in the “Students dropdown when the “Include Students Not Currently Enrolled” parameter is set to “No”.
  • The Attendance Tab, located under the Advanced Search screen, has been corrected to allow users to select a two-week date range when selecting an attendance status from the “Attendance” dropdown menu.

Athletic Eligibility

  • The Certificate of Athletic Eligibility report has been corrected to select the most recent mid-term/final term grading period end date, + 5 days, as of the user selected GPA Eligibility Date.
  • At the beginning of the school year, the GPA will no longer be waived for non-initial 9th grade student.


  • The Homeless screen now includes fields for Program Assistance. Data may be entered by users with the Pupil Services Homeless user role and may viewed by all users with Homeless screen access.

English Learner

  • The Annual English Learner Letter has been enhanced to display the Master Plan Program names in Korean, Spanish, Armenian, and Mandarin, based on a student’s home correspondence language.


  • Teachers may now access the GATE Teacher Checklist from the Notification icon.

Graduation Standards

  • An update has been made to the Graduation Standards logic such that for students in the class of 2021 and 2022 who took Algebra 1 during grades 7 or 8 will receive 10 high school mathematics credits if they earned a “D” or better in both semesters.


  • Corrections were made to the ESSA Parent Notification Letter Report to prevent the display of duplicate credential information.

Student Support

  • The Referral Email Settings screen has been corrected to no longer send emails to users who are no longer designated to receive them.

Summer School

  • The Summer School Report Card was corrected to display the apartment number.


  • Partial credit entries on the Transcripts Details screen can now be entered with values between 0.1 and 0.9.
  • An update has been made to the Transcript Report logic such that for students in the class of 2021 and 2022 who took Algebra 1 during grades 7 or 8 will receive 10 high school mathematics credits if they earned a “D” or better in both semesters.