MiSiS Updates - March 1, 2017

Posted by The MiSiS Team on 3/1/2017

The following items have been fixed or updated in MiSiS:


  • The Transfer Screen has been disabled. The screen will be accessible in late March to allow schools to enter transfers.
  • The Foster Comprehensive Secondary Report now includes all students.
  • Users may now enter a space in the Birth City field on the Enrollment screen.


Next Year Enrollment

  • Phase 1 (NYE 1) will run this week. This process creates an enrollment for non-matriculating students in grades 6-11 at the same school in the next grade level. This process will run until NYE 2 starts.
  • Phase 2 (NYE 2) begins at the end of March and runs every weeknight until June 30. This phase creates a next year enrollment for K-6 non-matriculating students remaining at the same school. NYE2 also creates next year enrollment for matriculating students and non-matriculating students who will not be attending the same school next year due to Magnet placement, Zone of Choice placement, Special Education assignments, or other transfer reasons. The process increases the student grade level by one and creates an enrollment in the next school.



  • Timeline for Secondary School Master Scheduling
    March 1 – 2017-2018 school year is available for selection in the Master Scheduling screen.
    March 2 – Next Year Enrollment (NYE1) process will place continuing students in the future year. Schools will be able to start the scheduling process for continuing students.
    March 22 – Next Year Enrollment (NYE2) process will place matriculating students in the future year. Schools will be able to start the scheduling process for matriculating students.
    Early April through June - Magnet and ZOC students will be added to the future year.
  • Walk-In Scheduler
    An additional column has been added entitled “English Learner” to reflect students’ language classification. Multiple student ID’s can now be pasted in the Student ID field. The time-out feature has been updated.
  • Sections Editor
    Additional columns have been added entitled “Special Education and English Learner”. The performance has been improved when sections load. An audit log tab called “View/Hide logs” is now available to track student changes when the add or move functionality is selected.
  • Scenario Manager – Secondary Schools
    The Pre-Run Validation report can now be run from the screen before a scheduling engine run. A new capability to delete scenarios (one scenario minimum) has been added. The Import process will exclude Periods X and 50-75, and a new import tab will list the results of the import.
  • Course Requests – Secondary Schools
    Users will now be able to paste multiple student ID’s in the Student ID field.
  • Request Generator – Secondary Schools
    The group counts in the Manage Groups and Request Generator will now match.
  • Section Assignments – Secondary Schools
    A functionality has been added to the screen that will allow the linking and combining of sections in the Teacher Summary area.
  • Scheduling Reports – Secondary Schools
    • The Course Request Summary will no longer duplicate requests in Excel or CSV output.
    • District Courses has an additional column for UCOP Discipline.
    • School Courses has additional columns for Section Types and UCOP Discipline; the Section Type has been added to the parameters and is sortable.
    • The Promote/Demote report will now display accurate credit counts. This report runs more efficiently by a single grade level or grad year.
    • The Student Schedule Summary will successfully generate when selecting the magnet schools within the campus.
  • Support Materials for Future Year Scheduling for Secondary Schools
    The Guide for Master Schedule Building is available on the MiSiS website under the Training tab > Master Scheduling> scroll down to bottom of page.



  • Teachers are now able to sort their student rosters successfully.
  • The Uncleared Absences screen now excludes student enrolled in independent study.
  • The Attendance Referral Report is now displaying a slash ( / ) in the Attendance Details Section of the report for days not enrolled.


Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards

  • All Groups for all students now accurately display.
  • The Score Type Code and Description have been added to the Student Testing Subject Area. These new columns can be found in Student Testing > All Student Tests > Score Type Code/Score Type Description.



  • The Distribution of Marks Report will now only display teachers assigned to the selected school. It was previously displaying teachers that students had in previous schools.
  • The Manage Grades by Class edit screen now sorts the students correctly by Last Name, then First Name.
  • The following updates were made to the Grades Summary Report:
    • The report can now be generated for all Grading Periods.
    • A question mark will display when a teacher did not submit grades for a student in a given period and a dash (-) will display when a student is not assigned to a class for a given period.


Graduation Standards

  • The Post-Secondary Plans Report now returns results for only the plans selected in the report options.
  • The Graduation Progress Report has been fine tuned for better performance.


Manage Groups

  • The performance has been improved when creating groups. Users may now delete students from groups in the Student Profile > Misc. > Group Participation area. Users will be able to create a dynamic group with multiple dynamic expressions.


Student Support

  • The Counseling Communications, located under the student profile support tab, now includes a school column on the summary screen.
  • The following Counseling Communication user role restrictions have been implemented:
    • Only the user who created the record can update it.
    • Users with the Scheduling Admin Role can update all records.
  • The Counseling Communication, located under the Actions menu, now includes the following fields: Participant Type, Phone, and Name.
  • The Counseling Communication Report is now generating successfully.
  • Support Referrals can only be created for dates in which a student is currently enrolled.
  • The Support Referral details, located under the student profile Support tab, no longer accepts future incident dates.
  • The Student Suspension Report now defaults the School Year Parameter to the current school year.
  • The Scheduling Administrator now has access to enter SSPT Follow-up meeting information.
  • To request the removal of SSPT records created in error, please complete the Request for Removal of Student Support and Progress Team Referral(s) form. Enter the students name/ID Number, date the referral was created and the reason for the request. The school principal will need to sign the form. Email the completed form to the Intervention Coordinator for your respective district. The contact information for the Intervention Coordinators is available at https://achieve.lausd.net/sspt.


Student Testing

  • The ‘SBA Label & Student Roster’ report now displays ‘Y’ in the ‘Same First Name’ column only if multiple students share the same first name and are enrolled in the same classroom.



  • Data corrections were made to reported students’ Transcript Details.
  • Courses taken at LAUSD Adult Schools will now post to the student’s transcript via a nightly interface.